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  Olympic Games are held every four years at a different site, in which athletes __1__ different nations compete against each other in a __2__ of sports. There are two types of Olympics, the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics.

  In order to __3__ the Olympics, a city must submit a proposal to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). After all proposals have been __4__, the IOC votes. If no city is successful in gaining a majority in the first vote, the city with the fewest votes is eliminated, and voting continues with __5__ rounds, until a majority winner is determined. Typically the Games are awarded several years in advance, __6__ the winning city time to prepare for the Games. In selecting the __7__ of the Olympic Game, the IOC considers a number of factors, chief among them which city has, or promises to build, the best facilities, and which organizing committee seems most likely to __8__ the Games effectively.

  The IOC also __9__ which parts of the world have not yet hosted the Games. __10__, Tokyo, Japan, the host of the 1964 Summer Games, and Mexico city, Mexico, the host of the 1968 Summer Games, were chosen __11__ to popularize the Olympic movement in Asia and in Latin America.

  __12__ the growing importance of television worldwide, the IOC in recent years has also taken into __13__ the host city’s time zone. __14__ the Games take place in the United States or Canada, for example, American television networks are willing to pay __15__ higher amounts for television rights because they can broadcast popular events __16__, in prime viewing hours.

  __17__ the Games have been awarded, it is the responsibility of the local organizing committee to finance them. This is often done with a portion of the Olympic television __18__ and with corporate sponsorships, ticket sales, and other smaller revenue sources. In many __19__ there is also direct government support.

  Although many cities have achieved a financial profit by hosting the Games, the Olympics can be financially __20__. When the revenues from the Games were less than expected, the city was left with large debts.

  1). A. in   B. for   C. of   D. from

  正确答案: D

  2). A. lot   B. number   C. variety   D. series

  正确答案: C

  3). A. host   B. take   C. run   D. organize

  正确答案: A

  4). A. supported   B. submitted   C. substituted   D. subordinated

  正确答案: B

  5). A. suggestive   B. successful   C. successive   D. succeeding

  正确答案: C

  6). A. letting   B. setting   C. permitting   D. allowing

  正确答案: D

  7). A. site   B. spot   C. location   D. place

  正确答案: A

  8). A. state   B. stage   C. start   D. sponsor

  正确答案: B

  9). A. thinks   B. reckons   C. considers   D. calculates

  正确答案: C

  10). A. For instance   B. As a result    C. In brief   D. On the whole

  正确答案: A

  11). A. in time   B. in part   C. in case   D. in common

  正确答案: B

  12). A. Since   B. Because   C. As for   D. Because of

  正确答案: D

  13). A. amount   B. account   C. accord   D. acclaim

  正确答案: B

  14). A. However   B. Whatever   C. Whenever   D. Wherever

  正确答案: C

  15). A. greatly   B. handsomely   C. meaningfully   D. significantly

  正确答案: D

  16). A. live   B. living   C. alive   D. lively

  正确答案: A

  17). A. Until   B. Unless   C. Whether   D. Once

  正确答案: D

  18). A. incomes   B. interests   C. revenues   D. returns

  正确答案: C

  19). A. eases   B. conditions   C. chances   D. circumstances

  正确答案: A

  20). A. safe    B. risky    C. tempting   D. Feasible

  正确答案: B


  1. According to a recent survey on money and relationships, 36 per cent of people are keeping a bank account from their partner. While this financial unfaithfulness may appear as distrust in a relationship, in truth it may just be a form of financial protection.

  With almost half of all marriages ending in divorce, men and women are realizing they need to be financially savvy, regardless of whether they are in a relationship.

  The financial hardship on individuals after a divorce can be extremely difficult, even more so when children are involved. The lack of permanency in relationships, jobs and family life may be the cause of a growing trend to keep a secret bank account hidden from a partner; in other words, an “escape fund”.

  Margaret’s story is far from unique. She is a representative of a growing number of women in long-term relationships who are becoming protective of their own earnings.

  Every month on pay day, she banks hundreds of dollars into a savings account she keeps from her husband. She has been doing this throughout their six-year marriage and has built a nest egg worth an incredible $100,000 on top of her pension.

  Margaret says if her husband found out about her secret savings he’d hurt and would interpret this as a sign she wasn’t sure of the marriage. “He’d think it was my escape fund so that financially I could afford to get out of the relationship if it went wrong. I know you should approach marriage as being forever and I hope ours is, but you can never be sure.”

  Like many of her fellow secret savers, Margaret was stung in a former relationship and has since been very guarded about her own money.

  Coming clean to your partner about being a secret saver may not be all that bad .Take Colleen, for example, who had been saving secretly for a few years before she confessed to her partner. “I decided to open a savings account and start building a nest egg of my own. I wanted to prove to myself that I could put money in the bank and leave it there for a rainy day.”

  "When John found out about my secret savings, he was a little suspicious of my motives. I reassured him that this was certainly not an escape fund and that I feel very secure in our relationship. I have to admit that it does feel good to have my own money on reserve if ever there are rainy days in the future. It’s sensible to build and protect your personal financial security.”

  1). The trend to keep a secret bank account is growing because ________.

  A. “escape fund” helps one through rainy days

  B. days are getting harder and harder

  C. women are money sensitive

  D. financial conflicts often occur

  正确答案: A

  2). The word “savvy”(Line2,Para.2)probably means ________.

  A. suspicious

  B. secure

  C. shrewd

  D. simple

  正确答案: C

  3). Which inference can we make about Margaret?

  A. She is a unique woman.

  B. She was once divorced.

  C. She is going to retire.

  D. She has many children.

  正确答案: B

  4). The author mentions Colleen’s example to show ________.

  A. any couple can avoid marriage conflicts

  B. privacy within marriage should be respected

  C. everyone can save a fortune with a happy marriage

  D. financial disclosure is not necessarily bad

  正确答案: D

  5). Which of the following best summarizes this passage?

  A. Secret Savers

  B. Love Is What It’s Worth

  C. Banking Honesty

  D. Once Bitten, Twice Shy

  正确答案: A

  2. Everyone, it seems, has a health problem. After pouring billions into the National Health Service, British people moan about dirty hospitals, long waits and wasted money. In Germany the new chancellor, Angela Merkel, is under fire for suggesting changing the financing of its health system. Canada's new Conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, made a big fuss during the election about reducing the country's lengthy medical queues. Across the rich world, affluence, ageing and advancing technology are driving up health spending faster than income.

  But nowhere has a bigger health problem than America. Soaring medical bills are squeezing wages, swelling the ranks of the uninsured and pushing huge firms and perhaps even the government towards bankruptcy. Ford's announcement this week that it would cut up to 30.000 jobs by 2012 was as much a sign of its "legacy" health -care costs as of the ills of the car industry. Pushed by polls that show health care is one of his main domestic problems and by forecasts showing that the retiring baby-boomers(生育高峰期出生的人) will crush the government's finances, George Bush is to unveil a reform plan in next week's state-of -the-union address.

  America's health system is unlike any other. The Unite States spends 16% of its GDP on health, around twice the rich-country average, equivalent to $6,280 for every American each year. Yet it is the only rich country that does not guarantee universal health coverage. Thanks to an accident of history, most Americans receive health insurance through their employer, with the government picking up the bill for the poor and the elderly.

  This curious hybrid(混合物) certainly has its strengths. Americans have more choice than anybody else, and their health-care system is much more innovative. Europeans' bills could be much higher if American medicine were not doing much of their Research and Development(R&D)for them. But there are also huge weaknesses. The one most often cited-especially by foreigners-is the army of uninsured. Some 46 million Americans do not have cover. In many cases that is out of choice and, if they fall seriously ill, hospitals have to treat them. But it is still deeply unequal. And there are also shocking inefficiencies: by some measures, 30% of American health spending is wasted.

  Then there is the question of state support. Many Americans disapprove of the "socialized medicine" of Canada and Europe. In fact, even if much of the administration is done privately, around 60% of America's health-care bill ends up being met by the government. Proportionately, the American state already spends as much on health as the OECD(Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development)average, and that share is set to grow as the baby-boomers run up their Medicare bills and ever more employers avoid providing health-care coverage. America is, in effect, heading towards a version of socialized medicine by default.

  1). Health problems mentioned in the passage include all the following EXCEPT ________.

  A. poor hospital conditions in U.K.

  B. Angela Merkel under attack

  C. health financing in Germany

  D. long waiting lines in Canada

  正确答案: B

  2). Ford's announcement of cutting up to 30,000 jobs by 2012 indicates that Ford ________.

  A. has the biggest health problem of the car industry

  B. has made profits from its health-care legacy

  C. has accumulated too heavy a health-care burden

  D. owes a great deal of debt to its employees

  正确答案: C

  3). In the author's opinion, America's health system is ________.

  A. inefficient

  B. feasible

  C. unpopular

  D. successful

  正确答案: A

  4). It is implied in the passage that ________.

  A. America's health system has its strengths and weaknesses

  B. the US government pays medical bills for the poor and the elderly

  C. some 46 million Americans do not have medical insurance

  D. Europeans benefit a lot from America's medical research

  正确答案: D

  5). From the last paragraph we may learn that the "socialized medicine" is ________.

  A. a practice of Canada and Europe

  B. a policy adopted by the US government

  C. intended for the retiring baby-boomers

  D. administered by private enterprises

  正确答案: A

  3. Last weekend Kyle MacDonald in Montreal threw a party to celebrate the fact that he got his new home in exchange for a red paper clip. Starting a year ago, MacDonald bartered the clip for increasingly valuable stuff, including a camp stove and free rent in a Phoenix flat. Having announced his aim (the house) in advance, MacDonald likely got a boost from techies eager to see the Internet pass this daring test of its networking power. "My whole motto(座右铭) was 'Start small, think big and have fun'," says MacDonald, 26, “I really kept my effort on the creative side rather than the business side.”

  Yet as odd as the MacDonald exchange was, barter is now big business on the Net. This year more than 400,000 companies worldwide will exchange some $10 billion worth of goods and services on growing number of barter sites. These Web sites allow companies to trade products for a virtual currency, which they can use to buy goods from other members. In Iceland, garment-maker Kapusatan sells a third of its output on the booming Vidskiptanetid exchange, earning virtual money that it uses to buy machinery and pay part of employee salaries. The Troc-Services exchange in France offers more than 4,600 services, from math lessons to ironing.

  This is not a primitive barter system. By creating currencies, the Internet removes a major barrier---what Bob Meyer, publisher of BarterNews, calls "the double coincidence of wants." That is, two parties once not only had to find each other, but also an exchange of goods that both desired. Now, they can price the deal in virtual currency.

  Barter also helps firms make use of idle capacity. For example, advertising is “hugely bartered” because many media, particularly on the Web, can supply new ad space at little cost. Moreover, internet ads don’t register in industry-growth statistics, because many exchanges are arranged outside the formal exchanges.

  Like eBay, most barter sites allow members to “grade” trading partners for honesty, quality and so on. Barter exchanges can allow firms in countries with hyperinflation or nontradable currencies to enter global trades. Next year, a non-profit exchange called Quick Lift Two(QL2) plans to open in Nairobi, offering barter deals to 38,000 Kenyan farmers in remote areas. Two small planes will deliver the goods. QL2 director Gacii Waciuma says the farmers are excited to be “liberated from corrupt middlemen.” For them, barter evokes a bright future, not a precapitalist past.

  1). The word “techies” (Line 4, Para 1) probably refers to those who are _______.

  A. afraid of technology

  B. skilled in technology

  C. ignorant of technology

  D. incompetent in technology

  正确答案: B

  2). Many people may have deliberately helped Kyle because they _______.

  A. were impressed by his creativity

  B. were eager to identify with his motto

  C. liked his goal announced in advance

  D. hoped to prove the power of the Internet

  正确答案: D

  3). The Internet barter system relies heavily on _______.

  A. the size of barter sites

  B. the use of virtual currency

  C. the quality of goods or services

  D. the location of trading companies

  正确答案: B

  4). It is implied that Internet advertisements can help _______.

  A. companies make more profit

  B. companies do formal exchanges

  C. media register in statistics

  D. media grade barter sites

  正确答案: A

  5). Which of the following is true of QL2 according to the author?

  A. It is criticized for doing business in a primitive way.

  B. It aims to deal with hyperinflation in some countries.

  C. It helps get rid of middlemen in trade and exchange.

  D. It is intended to evaluate the performance of trading partners.

  正确答案: C

  4. While there's never a good age to get cancer, people in their 20s and 30s can feel particularly isolated. The average age of a cancer patient at diagnosis is 67. Children with cancer often are treated at pediatric(小儿科的) cancer centers, but young adults have a tough time finding peers, often sitting side-by-side during treatments with people who could be their grandparents.

  In her new book Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, writer Kris Carr looks at cancer from the perspective of a young adult who confronts death just as she's discovering life. Ms. Carr was 31 when she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that had generated tumors on her liver and lungs.

  Ms. Carr reacted with the normal feelings of shock and sadness. She called her parents and stocked up on organic food, determined to become a "full-time healing addict." Then she picked up the phone and called everyone in her address book, asking if they knew other young women with cancer. The result was her own personal "cancer posse": a rock concert tour manager, a model, a fashion magazine editor, a cartoonist and a MTV celebrity, to name a few. This club of "cancer babes" offered support, advice and fashion tips, among other things.

  Ms. Carr put her cancer experience in a recent Learning Channel documentary, and she has written a practical guide about how she coped. Cancer isn't funny, but Ms. Carr often is. She swears, she makes up names for the people who treat her (Dr. Fabulous and Dr. Guru), and she even makes second sound fun ("cancer road trips," she calls them).

  She leaves the medical advice to doctors, instead offering insightful and practical tips that reflect the world view of a young adult. "I refused to let cancer ruin my party," she writes. "There are just too many cool things to do and plan and live for."

  Ms. Carr still has cancer, but it has stopped progressing. Her cancer tips include using time-saving mass e-mails to keep friends informed, sewing or buying fashionable hospital gowns so you're not stuck with regulation blue or gray and playing Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" so loud your neighbors call the police. Ms. Carr also advises an eyebrow wax and a new outfit before you tell the important people in your illness. "People you tell are going to cautious and not so cautiously try to see the cancer, so dazzle them instead with your miracle," she writes.

  While her advice may sound superficial, it gets to the heart of what every cancer patient wants: the chance to live life just as she always did, and maybe better.

  1). Which of the following groups is more vulnerable to cancer?

  A. Children.

  B. People in their 20s and 30s.

  C. Young adults.

  D. Elderly people.

  正确答案: D

  2). All of the following statements are true EXCEPT _______.

  A. Kris Carr is a female writer

  B. Kris Carr is more than 31-year-old

  C. Kris Carr works in a cancer center

  D. Kris Carr is very optimistic

  正确答案: C

  3). The phrase "cancer posse" (Line 4, para.3) probably refers to _______.

  A. a cancer research organization

  B. a group of people who suffer from cancer

  C. people who have recovered from cancer

  D. people who cope with cancer

  正确答案: B

  4). Kris Carr make up names for the people who treat her because _______.

  A. she is depressed and likes swearing

  B. she is funny and likes playing jokes on doctor

  C. she wants to leave the medical advice to doctor

  D. she tries to leave a good impression on doctor

  正确答案: B

  5). From Kris Carr's cancer tips we may infer that _______.

  A. she learned to use e-mails after she got cancer

  B. she wears fashionable dress even after suffering from cancer

  C. hospital gowns for cancer patients are usually not in bright colors

  D. the neighbors are very friendly with cancer patients

  正确答案: C



  You are going to read a list of headings and a text about a park naturalist. Choose the most suitable heading from the list A—F for each numbered paragraph (41—45). The first and last paragraphs of the text are not numbered. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET l. (10 points)

  [A]Becoming a naturalist

  [B]Seeing wonder in the ordinary

  [C]A changing role

  [D]Disgusting and embarrassing moments

  [E]What does a park naturalist do?

  [F]What does it take to be a park naturalist?

  I have the best job in the Wisconsin State Park System. As a park naturalist at Peninsula State Park, I am busy writing reports, creating brochures about trees or flowers, and sometimes visiting schools.And, of course, I make sure Peninsula’s feathered friends are well fed.

  41. _____________

  As a park naturalist I am a writer, a teacher, a historian and, if not a social worker, at least a mentor to young people interested in the environment. I love the diversity of my job. Every day is different. Most tasks require creativity. Now that I am an experienced naturalist, I have the freedom to plan my own day and make decisions about the types of programs that we offer at Peninsula.

  42. _____________

  In my first naturalist job, I spent four out of five days leading school field trips and visiting classrooms. As a state park naturalist I still work with students, but more often lead programs like bird walks, nature crafts, outdoor skills, and trail hikes. I also find myself increasingly involved in management decisions. For example, sometimes the park naturalist is the person who knows where rare orchids grow or where ravens nest. When decisions are made about cutting trees, building trails, or creating more campsites. naturalists are asked to give the “ecological perspective.”

  43. _____________

  Perhaps the grossest thing I’ve done as a naturalist is to boil animal skulls. Visitors like seeing bones and skins—at least after they have been cleaned up! Once, our nature center needed more skulls. A trapper gave me muskrat, raccoon and fox skulls but I had to clean them. First, I boiled the skin and meat off. Boy, did that stink! Then I used dissecting tools and old toothbrushes to clean out the eyeballs. Finally, I soaked the skulls in a bleach solution. I’ve had some embarrassing experiences, too. On my first hike as Peninsula’s new naturalist, I was so excited that I identified a white pine tree as a red pine tree! That’s quite a mistake since the trees are so easy to tell apart. White pine needles are in bundles of five and red pine needles are in bundles of two.

  44. _____________

  Not all state parks are as busy or as big as Peninsula. Not all park naturalists spend the seasons as I do. Nevertheless, park naturalists share certain common interests and responsibilities: A park naturalist might notice that branches of a red maple growing in a field reach out to the side while those of a red maple in a thick forest reach up, and wonder why the trees look different. A naturalist makes things happen. It might be working with workers to clean up part of a river. Park naturalists share knowledge in different ways, but all of them communicate with people. A love of learning--from other people, from plants and animals, from books, and more—is an essential quality. Most naturalists don’t work in places of rare beauty. Many work in city parks or in places that show “wear and tear.” If you can wonder about an inchworm, a juniper bush, or a robin and cause others to wonder, too, then you are ready to become a park naturalist.

  45. _____________

  If you think you want to become a park naturalist, do the following:

  Explore your home landscape. Knowing how people have shaped the land where you live-and how the land has shaped them-will lend a comparison that will serve you well.

  Start a field sketch book.Sketch what you see, where and when. The reason is not to practice art skills (though you may discover you have a talent) but, rather, to practice observation skills.

  Go to college. You will need a 4-year degree. There are several academic routes that lead to the naturalist’s road. I have found ornithology, plant taxonomy and human growth and development to be among my most helpful courses.

  Listen and learn. A college degree is like a ticket. It lets you board the plane but is only the beginning of the journey. Look and listen to those who have already traveled the road for ideas, knowledge and inspiration.

  正确答案: 41---45 ECDFA

  答案解析:41. 第二段,即第41题所在段落衔接第一段,进一步解释说明“我”所从事的工作的性质和特点。A强调成为公园博物学家的过程,没有涉及具体的工作内容;F强调成为公园博物学家所应具备的特点,着眼点是公园博物学家本身,而不是其工作;E强调工作的内容、特点,最能概括这一段内容。

  42. 第三段仍然在介绍“我”作为公园博物学家的工作内容,但是关键词In my first naturalist job和As a state park naturalist暗示了“我”的角色的变化。根据段落内容可知,“我”的工作重心产生了变化,包括开始涉及制定管理方面的决策。所以本题应该选C。

  43. 第四段的内容分两个层次。第一个层次的主题在首句中出现,即“the grossest thing”,gross做形容词时,意为“令人恶心的”,从下文的描述,特别是段中的感叹句“Boy,did that stink”也可以猜测出该词的含义。第二个层次的主题是该段后半部分出现的embarrassing experiences,接着文章以“我”把白松和红松弄混的例子予以说明。因此全段论述了“令人恶心和令人尴尬的事”,D项正好是该段内容的概括,其中disgusting和gross,moments和experiences是两组同义词。

  44. 第五段的主题句是第三句,即“公园博物学家有一些共同的兴趣和责任”。下文围绕这个主题分别列举了几点兴趣和责任,如:善于观察、富有好奇心;身体厉行来保护环境;与人交流;热爱学习;等等。所以全段都是在讲述做一名公园博物学家所需具备的素质或能力,F项是对本段的概括。B项“从平凡中看出奇迹”只是该段最后部分涉及的内容,是公园博物学家需要具有的众多品质之一,不足以概括全段内容,因此不能入选。

  45. 第六段中又包含了几个小标题,显然每个小标题也是对应段落主题的概括。四个小标题段是并列关系,共同说明当一名公园博物学家需要做的具体准备。E强调的是成为公园博物学家后做的事情,与段落内容不符,排除。F具有干扰性,但和A比较起来,显然应该排在A前面。标题中从F的“to be”到A的“becoming”,而文章内容则从第五段的“成为公园博物学家的先天条件”到第六段的“具体的准备工作”。


  Powering the great ongoing changes of our time is the rise of human creativity as the defining feature of economic life. Creativity has come to be valued, because new technologies, new industries and new wealth flow from it. And as a result, our lives and society have begun to echo with creative ideas. It is our commitment to creativity in its varied dimensions that forms the underlying spirit of our age.

  Creativity is essential to the way we live and work today, and in many senses always has been. The big advances in standard of living---not to mention the big competitive advantages in the marketplace---always have come from "better recipes, not just more cooking." One might argue that's not strictly true. One might point out, for instance, that during the long period from the early days on the Industrial Revolution to modern times, much of the growth in productivity and material wealth in the industrial nations came not just from creative inventions like the steam engine, but from the widespread application of "cooking in quantity" business methods like massive division of labor, concentration of assets, vertical integration and economies of scale. But those methods themselves were creative developments.




  1. You get the information from the newspaper that × × Company is employing an English interpreter. You should write an letter for the job. Your personal information is as follows:

  1) Age, 30; height, 1.80m; health condition, well; hobbies, swimming, singing, dancing.

  2) Resume: graduated from Peking University in 1994, worked in Nantong Middle School.

  3) Specialty: good at English, especially spoken English, translated many Chinese books into English, understand Japanese.

  Tel: 3654731

  You should write about 100 words on ANSWER SHEET 2. Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use "Li Ming" instead.


  Dear manager,

  I learned from the newspaper that your company wanted to hire an English translator. I'm interested in this job very much and I wish to get this job.

  Now I'd like to introduce myself to you.My name is Li Ming. I'm 30 years old and 180 cm tall. I'm healthy. I like swimming,singing and dancing in my spare time. I graduated from Peking University in 1994. Then, I went to work in Nantong Middle School In 1996, I began to work in Suzhou Middle School and l have worked there until now.

  I work hard and l can get along well with others. I'm good at English and especially my spoken English is very good. I've translated many Chinese books into English. I can understand Japanese and I can talk to foreigners in Japanese freely.

  If I can be the lucky one to be admitted, I'll work hard and try to be a good translator.

  Your prompt response would be kindly appreciated. I live at No.1 Renmin Road, Suzhou city. My telephone number is 3654731.

  Yours truly,

  Li Ming

  2. Directions:

  Study the following drawing carefully and write an essay in which you should

  1) describe its drawing

  2) interpret its meaning, and

  3) give your comment on it.

  You should write about 150 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2.

  正确答案: The picture shows three kinds of college graduates who are not welcomed by the job market. First, some graduating students choose only big cities to work in and refuse to go down to the grassroots units. Second, some have unrealistic expectations of salaries but their poor practical ability is not a good match. Third, some fake resumes to impress the would-be employers, but in fact lack the qualities and skills required for the jobs they seek.

  Nowadays, the growing number of college graduates is aggravating competitions in the labor market; however, some subjective factors have a bigger impact on the situation that many students find it increasingly difficult to get a rewarding job. As is revealed in the picture, some college graduates fail to adapt themselves to the demand of the job market.

  In order to be a successful employee, a fresh graduate should keep his eyes and mind open for challenges and opportunities. Building solid foundation and having hands-on experiences are essentially important. Therefore, it seems unrealistic to expect a high salary from the very start. Besides, certificates cannot speak everything, while the key question is how you can prove yourself being excellent. Moreover, according to a survey, the most important personal characteristic employers seek is honesty. In a word, it is imperative for the graduates to build a proper and healthy mind-set before entering society.

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