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  281.Gone are the days when Chinese people could expect cradle to death support from the government.


  282.The days when one could safely walk city streets at night are gone.


  283.China's population almost doubled to 1.2 billion people during the 1955-1995, according to the National Census Bureau.


  284.A report by the Department of Education estimates that the student-teacher ratio in China is four times higher than in the United States.


  285.Official figures released by the Ministry of Transportation show that motor vehicle fatalities have more than tripled since 1995.


  286.Women accounted for less than two percent of the total number of deputies to the National People's Congress in 1990, compared with almost 12 percent in 1998.


  287.Some 140 major state-owned companies have either declared bankruptcy or entered into mergers during 1998, up a whopping 75 percent on the total number for the 10-year period between 1985-1995.


  288.China's illiteracy rate has dropped by some 60 percent over the past few years, but nonetheless remains at one of the highest levels for any developing nation.


  289.The steady three-year annual rise in the export rate between 1995-1997 has been followed by steadily failling prices during 1998 and the trend is expected to continue indefinitely.


  290.It is essential to examine every angle in order to fully understand the nature of a perplexing problem.


  291.We must engage in thorough discussions in order to gain a better sence of the most appropriate and effective way to proceed with the project.


  292.We must develop a foolproof argument in order to effectively illustrate the urgency of implement stringent environmental protection measures.


  293.A comparative analysis of the positive and negative aspects of the Three Gorges Project will perhaps provide us with a better sense of the eventual impact of the massive water control program.


  294.Incompatibility provides only a partial explanation for the rising divorce rate. Perhaps the most significant factors center on abuse, the immaturity of one spouse or the other, and quite simply the lack of things in common.


  295.The success of a company is directly related to the competency of its managers.


  296.Mental disorientation is but one of the many effects of alcohol consumption. Another is anti-social behavior, and still another is physical deterioration.


  297.Apart from providing sheer enjoyment, music provides one with the opportunity to escape the daily pressures of life and enter an aesthetic world of sensual pleasure.


  298.In spite of the costs involved space exploration is absolutely necessary to solve the puzzles of the Universe.


  299.On the one hand, technological advances yield beneficial results, while on the other they create problems which threaten our very existence.


  300.There are other social factors worth serious considerations in evaluating those special behaviors.



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