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  61.Admittedly, ensuring sustainable development will require a certain level of sacrifice and arduous efforts on the part of all people. Nonetheless, the accrued returns will both strengthen the nation and ensure a better life for all Chinese citizens.


  62.The rapid emergence of homes for senior citizens represents a sharp divergence from the traditional Chinese practice of maintaining the nuclear family at all costs.


  63.Participating in interactive experiences beneficial to all is something that no one should miss. The valuable lessons learned therefrom should not be arbitrarily dismissed, but should instead be treasured.


  64.Abortion advocates may be correct in their assertion that the practice is a necessary tool of population control, but they seem to neglect the preciousness of human life in its earliest stages.


  65.Some people assert that nothing is impossible. Such people should get a grip on reality and understand it's impossible to create another Universe. In more down-to-earth terms, it's impossible to know with any certainty whether you will live or die tomorrow.


  66.Two major factors contributed to devastating summer flooding along the Yangtze River and its tributaries. First, erosion resulting from excessive deforestation in the upper reaches of the river and, second,heavy silting which raised the riverbed in the main channel.


  67.Greed and a total lack of social consciousness have been cited as major reasons for the dramatic rise corruption.


  68.There are several reasons for the marked increase in China's crime rate-the dramatic influx of itinerant workers in urban areas; declining social values; and widening disparities between the haves and have-nots.


  69.Why are an increasing number of elderly Chinese parents living apart from their children? One reason is the increasing upward mobility of the younger generation. Another is expanding social opportunities for the elderly. Perhaps the main reason, however, centers on dramatic changes in traditional concepts.


  70.What has sparked the increasing interest in exercise? For one thing, people have gained a greater awareness of the need for physical fitness. For another, the constantly improving standard of living enables Chinese people to patronize the increasing number of recreational venues. The main thing perhaps centers on the healthcare and psychological benefits exercise provides.


  71.Identifying the reasons for an emerging phenomenon which involves several complicated factors is far from an easy task. For example, some scientists attribute environmental deterioration to a series of natural factors, while others place the blame solely on inappropriate human behavior.


  72.One doesn''t have to look far to realize the direct correlation between smoking and cancer.


  73.The explanation for the phenomenon of the rising teenage suicide rate involves many complicated factors. Some attribute the rise to an overemphasis on early success, others point to mounting peer pressure, and still others to confusion over changing social values.


  74.The reasons for antisocial behavior are both complicated and varied. I suggest the phenomenon results from inappropriate role models and the lack of well-defined norms of behavior. However, the main reason is quite likely the continuing degeneration of social values.


  75.The causes of racial hatred are not readily definable. Sociologists, however, attribute them to the misguided concept of a superior race and an innate mistrust of people of color. Perhaps the main cause is quite simply ignorance.


  76.The scourge of HIV/AIDS currently engulfing the world will quite likely be brought under control within the next few years thanks to the untiring efforts of scientists and researchers worldwide.


  77.The incidence rate of cancer mainly stems from several factors, including inappropriate diets, poor healthcare practices and the lack of early detection. Continuing medical advances and rising awareness do, however, offer promising hope for the future.


  78.Increased urban pollution levels and the mounting death toll from motor vehicles accidents can mainly be attributed to the glut of automobiles appearing on city roads in recent years. Detrimental factors will quite likely outweigh the benefits of rising automobile usage.


  79.The rising divorce rate in China can, at least in part, be attributed to spousal incompatibility, disparities in education levels, changing social attitudes and the increasing upward mobility of the younger generation.


  80.State-owned enterprises are not only failing because of inefficient management, but also because of their inability to awitch operational modes from the former planned economy to the new market economy.


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