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  141.While the inclination to procrastinate is common, one must fully consider the detrimental impact of unnecessary delays.


  142.The tendency to take things for granted is understandable, but the need for one to rationally evaluate the circumstances of any situation is absolutely essential.


  143.Most people are under the illusion that a college degree guarantees success. There is no such guarantee without hard work.


  144.Some stubbornly hold to the correctness of traditional practices, but in so doing they seem to totally ignore the fact that progress depends on change.


  145.Generally speaking, previous parliamentary policy debates ignored the relevance of transparency.


  146.A precise definition of poverty is actually very difficult to determine. Where does one draw the line between those who are poor and those who are not?


  147.Admittedly, bribery and corruption are endemic to our political and economic systems, but it doesn't necessarily follow that all politicians and business people resort to illicit behavior.


  148.There's little doubt that a third World War is avoidable, but it is highly unlikely that regional conflicts will disappear in the foreseeable future.


  149.Some people assume that investing in stock is a safe pursuit, but their assumption fails to hold water when considering the substantial risk involved.


  150.Some people have called for accelerated across-the-board changes. Their approach quite frankly ignores the need for gradual but effective changes.


  151.There is undoubtedly an element of truth in assertions that capital punishment is necessary, but proponents seem to ignore the fact that the practice has failed to deter heinous crimes.


  152.Many people assume that the extinction of a plant or animal species is of little consequence. Careful examination, however, reveals that the extinction of any one species disrupts the food chain, and the loss of a plant species leads to the disappearance of a key ingredient which might yield a cure for cancer.


  153.At first glance, the characteristics of Bugs BUnny seem comical. However, a closer examination reveals the cartoon character never creates a problem, and instead simply hopes for quiet and peaceful life. This suggests that cartoons most often teach children the difference between good and evil.


  154.Logically, calls for a New World Order sound valid, and I whole-heartedly agree with some points, but the absurdity arises when considering that the world's 200-odd nations have diverse agendas when it comes to development and diplomacy.


  155.In spite of claims to the contrary, it is common knowledge that corporal punishment most often has the exact opposite affect intended.


  156.We were brought up to believe that the role of a man was to provide and the role of a woman was to care for the household and family. Today, however, role reversal is becoming increasingly commonplace.


  157.Some people tend to tenaciously cling to the misguided concept of racial superiority. Their persistence in doing so, however, does readily reveal the inferior mentality and social incompatibility of certain human beings.


  158.Some people claim the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) far exceeds that of Western-style pharmaceuticals. More often than not, however, the exact opposite is true.


  159.Workers commonly complain that causes for labor disputes rest solely on the shoulders of management. Quite likely the opposite is true.


  160.There are those who claim that competition brings out the best in people. Others contend it simply forces one person to prove he/she is better than another. Advocates vociferously support one position or the other. I suggest the former proposition bears greater relevance than the latter.


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