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  something like:有点像,大约

  An airship is shaped something like a cigar.飞船的形状有点像雪茄。

  something of a……:多少有点,有几分像,略懂

  he's something of a book collector.他有几分像书籍收藏家。
  something to/in:(叙述等)有些道理

  There's something to/in what you say; I'll take your advice.你说的有些道理,我会接受你的建议

  have/be something to do with:与……有关

  I think Guy Fawkes had/was something to do with a plan to blow up the bridge.我想盖佛克跟图谋炸毁桥梁有关。

  nothing but (= none but = only):仅仅,只不过

  We could see nothing but fog.除了雾之外我们什么也看不见。

  for nothing:①免费的;②徒劳的;③无缘无故的

  She got the ticket for nothing.她免费得到那张票。

  All our preparation for nothing! No one's even come to the party.我们为宴会所作的准备都白费了! 连一个人都没来。

  They quarreled for nothing.他们无缘无故地争吵。

  make nothing of:(常和can一起用)不理解;不重视,轻视(= think nothing of)

  I could make nothing of the passage.我不理解这篇文章。

  He makes/thinks nothing of working ten hours a day.他不在乎一天工作十小时。

  to say nothing of:更不用说(= not to mention/without mentioning)

  Three people were badly hurt, to say nothing of damage to the building.三个人受了重伤,建筑物的损害更不用说了。

  have nothing to do with:与……无关

  I have nothing to do with the accident.我与这场事故无关。

  nothing if not:格外地;非常地(= very/much/extremely)

  He was nothing if not clever.(= He was very clever.)他格外聪明。

  nothing of:无……的部分;无……的气质

  There was nothing of the lady in her behavior.她的举止根本没有淑女的气质。


  all but 几乎,差一点,除……以外其余都是

  but for 要不是

  but that+从句:若不是……

  例1:She all but fainted when she heard the news.


  注:此句中a11 but意为nearly,almost.


  All but the little children thought that the trip was exciting.


  此句中all but意为a11 except.

  例2:But for the rain we should have a pleasant journey.


  例3:He would have helped us but that he was short of money at the time.



  1)but that引导的从句中谓语用陈述语气。

  2)but that有灵活的译法。

  如:Nothing would satisfy that child but that I place her on my lap.(那孩子什么都不要,只要我把她抱在怀里。)

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