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  161.Claiming something is true misses the point, while presenting verifiable fact proves its correctness.


  162.Suggesting that one thing …… is better than another thing …… bears no more significance than insinuating that black is better than white.


  163.Ignoring cause and effect is exactly the same thing as failing to look both ways when crossing a busy intersection.


  164.One who advocates the rights of homosexuals should not be surprised by the belligerent stance of opposition forces.


  165.The greatest problem with political and religious zealots is their total inability to consider the views of others.


  166.The basic stumbling block to global peace rests with the self-serving ambitions of many nations.


  167.The overemphasis on one particular aspect of a problem often obscures the relevance of other issues.


  168.Any presumption that smoking is in anyway beneficial is totally preposterous.


  169.The fallacies of many arguments are quite obvious.


  170.Arbitrarily dismissing the direct link between increasing sexual promiscuity and the rapid spread of sexually transmitted diseases would be foolhardy. An even more foolish mistake would center on denying the need for extensive sex education programs worldwide.


  171.There is absolutely no reason for us to believe that a brighter future for the world is an impossibility.


  172.Meteorologists offer computer models leaving little doubt that this year's El Nino phenomenon has disappeared.


  173.Facts prove the unjustifiability of claims that China will be unable to feed itself by the year 2020.


  174.Previous explanations of the rising divorce rate in China are simply untenable. The fact is that many marriages were simply based on convenience and wives are no longer willing to accept the abusive domineering attitudes of husbands.


  175.Claim that entering the Chinese market offers foreign companies an immediate road to profits are grossly misstated and have been proven wrong time and again. The key to entering China rests with the phraseology vast potential market, and how long one is willing to wait for returns.


  176.Parents are not wrong in enforcing good study habits, but they must not do so at the expense of stifling normal child development.


  177.It is quite reasonable to assume that modern science and technology (S&T) will continue to advance. It is no less reasonable to believe that S&T will radically improve the way we live. However, the same reasoning cannot be applied to improving social interaction.


  178.Belief in the wonders of modern medical science is quite understandable. It is also quite possible that our faith in the ability of scientists to find the key for prolonging life are well-founded. Yet, the wisdom of prolonging life remains in question when considering the already massive global population and projected future growth.


  179.It is one thing to support euthanasia, but quite another to offer any justification for genocide.


  180.Claiming the need for censorship is one thing, but rationally proving its redeeming values represents a quite different issue.


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