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  121.A question begging an answer centers on whether violence is more directly related to the innate characteristic of human being, or whether it is simply a manifestation of the ills of society. Determining the answer will be far from an easy proposition, but is nonetheless one that deserves careful and deliberate consideration.


  122.From the standpoint of success, a good work ethic is no less important than an education. Success does, in fact, depend on the total integration of both aspects.


  123.The growing trend for wives to work outside the home even when their husbands are present and employed is in part a sharing of the financial burden with the husband, and in part a reflection of the need these women feel to have a measurable sense of personal worth.


  124.Just as honor is a prerequisite for respectability, so is unblemished character a barometer of integrity.


  125.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the same is true for both the appreciation of art and music.


  126.The direct correlation between self-esteem and success also applies to one''s ability to achieve.


  127.Improving the plight of teachers is indeed a priority item. However, improving the overall education system is likewise no less important.


  128.China and United States share many things in common. Firstly, both are major world powers. Secondly, the two nations offer mutually beneficial factors for development-China with its vast potential market and labor force, and the U.S. with its advanced technology and management expertise.


  129.The shaky truce in the Middle East bears little resemblance to the realization of ultimate peace.


  130.Idleness spawns discontent, whereas overwork leads to mental and physical exhaustion.


  131.Large and small enterprises differ in that the former usually involves conglomerates and the latter private individuals.


  132.Both automobiles and bicycles offer a convenient means of public conveyance, with one of the marked differences between the two centered on pollution caused by the former.


  133.Alcohol and tobacco are both highly addictive substances. However, unlike tobacco, which is known to cause cancer, studies indicate that alcohol does offer some health benefits when consumed in moderation.酒和烟都是很容易上瘾的东西。但是,研究显示,与公认为引起癌症的烟不同,酒如果适量饮用确实对健康有益。

  134.One man's treasure is another man's junk.


  135.AIDS is no longer one of the Top 10 American killers, but the same cannot be said for many countries.


  136.Individualism was unheard of a short 30-odd years ago during the tumultuous Cultural Revolution. Things have changed today, however,with color returning to the streets of Chinese streets, people gaining a greater degree of self-determination and reform yielding monumental changes in traditional practices.


  137.Social inequities of the past are rapidly giving way to expanded social consciousness.


  138.Many claim that the world''s highly developed countries bear sole responsibility for the plight of less-developed nations. I seriously doubt their contentions will bear the brunt of close scrutiny.


  139.Although media reports expound on the volume of scientific and technological achievements, recent surveys indicate that the rapidity of transforming same into productive forces leaves much to be desired.


  140.The popular belief in the invincibility of man is constantly rebuked by revaluations of man's fallibility.


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