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  1.When a new movement in art attains a certain fashion, it is advisable to find out what its advocates are aiming at, for, however farfetched and unreasonable their principles may seem today, it is possible that in years to come they may be regarded as normal.(2000年第三篇)

  2.What has happened is that people cannot confess fully to their dreams, as easily and openly as once they could, lest they be thought pushing, acquisitive and vulgar.(2000年第五篇)


  While talking to you, your could-be employer is deciding whether your education, your experience, and other qualifications will pay him to employ you and your "wares" and abilities must be displayed in an orderly and reasonably connected manner.(1996年第一篇)


  1.The American economic system is organized around a basically private-enterprise, market-oriented economy in which consumers largely determine what shall be produced by spending their money in the marketplace for those goods and services that they want most.(1994年第一篇)

  2.The change met the technical requirements of the new age by engaging a large professional element and prevented the decline in efficiency that so commonly spoiled the fortunes of family firms in the second and third generation after the energetic founders.(1996年第三篇)


  1.That experiences influence subsequent behavior is evidence of an obvious but nevertheless remarkable activity called remembering.(1995年第五篇)

  2.What is harder to establish is whether the productivity revolution that businessmen assume they are presiding over is for real.(1998年第二篇)

  3.Online culture thinks highly of the notion that the information flowing onto the screen comes there by specific request.(1999年第二篇)

  4.Replies show that compared with other Americans, journalists are more likely to live in upscale neighborhoods, have maids, own Mercedeses, and trade stocks, and they're less likely to go to church, do volunteer work, or put down roots in a community.(2001年第三篇)


  Consumers seem only concerned, not panicked, and many say they remain optimistic about the economy's long-term prospects, even as they do some modest belt tightening.(2004年第三篇)


  1.While the leading actor on the stage captures our attention, we are aware of the importance of the supporting players and the scenery of the play itself.(1994年第三篇)

  2.Discoveries in sciences and technology are thought by "untaught minds" to come in blinding flashes or as the result of dramatic accidents.(1994年第五篇)

  3.How we see ourselves as we try a new way of being is essential to our ability to grow.(1995年第二篇)

  4.On the dust jacket of this fine book, Stephen Jay Gould says:"This book stands for reason itself." And so it does—and all would be well were reason the only judge in the creationism/evolution debate.(1996年第五篇)

  5.Perhaps it is humankind's long suffering at the mercy of flood and drought that makes the ideal of forcing the waters to do our bidding so fascinating.(1998年第一篇)

  6.Nowhere do 1980 census statistics dramatize more the American search for spacious living than in the Far West.(1998年第四篇)

  7.But, for a small group of students, professional training might be the way to go since well-developed skills, all other factors being equal, can be the difference between having a job and not.(1999年第三篇)

  8.Summer homes, European travel, BMWs—the locations, place names and name brands may change, but such items do not seem less in demand today than a decade or two years ago.(2000年第五篇)


  1.Sir Alexander Fleming did not, as legend would have it, look at the mold on a piece of cheese and get the idea for penicillin there and then.(1994年第五篇)

  2.With regard to Futurist poetry, however, the case is rather difficult, for whatever Futurist poetry may be—even admitting that the theory on which it is based may be right—it can hardly be classed as Literature.(2000年第三篇)

  3.Here is an example, which I heard at a nurses' convention, of a story which works well because the audience all shared the same view of doctors.(2002年第一篇)


  1.A survey of news stories in 1996 reveals that the antiscience tag has been attached to many other groups as well, from authorities who advocated the elimination of the last remaining stocks of smallpox virus to Republicans who advocated decreased funding for basic research.(1998年第三篇)

  2.The astonishing distrust of the news media isn't rooted in inaccuracy or poor reportorial skills but in the daily clash of world views between reporters and their readers.(2001年第三篇)


  1.Money spent on advertising is money spent as well as any I know of.(1995年第一篇)

  2.The merits of competition by examination are somewhat questionable, but competition in the certain knowledge of failure is positively harmful.(1995年第四篇)

  3.Mr.McWhorter's academic specialty is language history and change, and he sees the gradual disappearance of "whom", for example, to be natural and no more regrettable than the loss of the case-endings of Old English.(2005年第四篇)


  "The term 'antiscience' can lump together too many, quite different things, " notes Harvard University philosopher Gerald Holton in his 1993 work Science and Anti-Science, "They have in common only one thing that they tend to annoy or threaten those who regard themselves as more enlightened." (1998年第三篇)

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