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  I. Fill in the blanks with the following words. Make changes in the word form if necessary. (10 points)

  nurture, foster, siphon off, lose ground, streamlining, application, sphere, sustenance, inexorable, extermination

  1. Farmers usually ________ insects in the field by spraying insecticide on the crops.

  2. The government took several big steps to _________ its organization in order to raise efficiency.

  3. She _______ the lotion evenly on her face.

  4. Some people used to predict that our planet would not be able to _______ 6 billion people.

  5. He was charged with ________ company money into his personal account.

  6. The conservative party is _________ in the general election.

  7. The mother tried to _________ her son‘s interest in music by taking him to concerts when he was young.

  8. After listening to the pleas for clemency, the judge was ________ and gave the convicted man the maximum punishment allowed by law.

  9. Teachers should use interesting methods to _________ good reading habits in students.

  10. A ball is shaped like a ________.

  II. Paraphrase the following sentences. (10 points)

  1. Work therefore is desirable, first and foremost, as a preventive of boredom, for the boredom that a man feels when he is doing necessary though uninteresting work is nothing in comparison with the boredom that he feels when he has nothing to do with his days.

  2. The satisfaction of killing time and of affording some outlet, however modest, for ambition, belongs to most work, and is sufficient to make even a man whose work is dull happier on the average than a man who has no work at all.

  3. He did not have much money, and I do not hold that against him.

  4. Seen from this perspective, the swinging singles complexes that attracted so much gossip a few years later are an elaboration on the Sun City concept —— the clustering together of people of similar ages or outlooks.

  5. … and it is also true that some women are capable of feeling an affection for children not their own almost as strong as that which they could feel for their own.

  III. Grammar and vocabulary. (20 points)

  1. Children with parents whose guidance is firm, consistent, and rational are inclined _________ high levels of self-confidence.

  A. possess B. have possessed C. to possess D. possessing

  2. Writing pens are made in _________ of shapes, sizes, and colors.

  A. endless variety an almost B. variety an almost endless

  C. an almost endless variety D. almost variety an endless

  3. Coral reefs are ________ that teem with an abundance of exotic sea life.

  A. when underwater landscapes B. landscapes being underwater

  C. underwater the landscapes D. underwater landscapes

  4. Magnesium has a specific gravity of 1.74, which means that ______ 1.74 times as much as an equal volume of water.

  A. it is weighed B. weighing it

  C. its weight D. it weighs

  5. Perhaps the primary _________ of adult education was industrialization, which accelerated the pace of socioeconomic change.

  A. causes growth B. cause of the growth

  C. cause was growing D. caused the growing

  6. Under the guidance of choreographers Martha Graham and Jerome Robbins, American dance __________ new levels of artistic achievement.

  A. reaching B. has reached C. reach D. have reached

  7. Angiosperms inhabit relatively diverse environments and may be found _______ higher plants can survive.

  A. there B. wherever C . somewhere D. then

  8. True hibernation takes place only among __________ animals.

  A. whose blood is warm B. blood warm

  C. warm-blooded D. they have warm blood

  9. Like other women _______ in the field of medicine, Sara Mayo found the beginning years difficult.

  A. who they pioneered B. they pioneered

  C. who pioneered D. pioneered

  10. ________ as the census taker of the sky, Annie Jump Cannon contributed considerably to the field of astronomy.

  A. Known B. Knowing C. To know D. Knowledge

  11. In copper engraving and etchings, ________ caused by the edges of the plate is clearly visible on the paper.

  A. the impression is B. if the impression

  C. impressions D. the impression

  12. ________ all data into electronic pulses.

  A. The computer input unit changes

  B. Changing input, the computer unit

  C. Which changes the computer input unit

  D. Changes in the computer input units

  13. In central Georgia, archaeological evident indicates that Native Americans first inhabited the area _________.

  A. since thirteen centuries B. thirteen centuries ago

  C. the previous thirteen centuries D. thirteen centuries were before

  14. The large compound eyes of the dragonfly _______ to see moving objects almost eighteen feet away.

  A. to enable it B. enabling it C. it enables D. enable it

  15. With affection and humor, poet Phyllis McGinley ________ of ordinary life.

  A. the virtues were praised B. praised the virtues

  C. she praised the virtues D. her praise of the virtues

  16. In which of the following works, Hemingway presents his philosophy about life and death through the depiction of the bull-fight as a kind of microcosmic tragedy?

  A. The Green Hills of Africa. B. The Snows of Kilimanjaro.

  C. To Have and Have Not. D. Death in the Afternoon.

  17. ________ is often acclaimed literary spokesman of the Jazz Age.

  A. Ernest Hemingway B. F. Scott Fitzgerald

  C. William Faulkner D. Ezra Pound

  18. Which of the following figures does not belong to The Lost Generation?

  A. Ezra Pound. B. William Carlos Williams.

  C. Robert Frost. D. Theodore Dreiser.

  19. Which of the following statements about language is NOT true?

  A. Language is a system. B. Language is symbolic.

  C. Animals also have language. D. Language is arbitrary.

  20. What are the dual structures of language?

  A. Sounds and letters. B. Sounds and meaning.

  C. Letters and meaning. D. Sounds and symbols.

  IV. Error Correction. Choose the one word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. (10 points)

  1. Regulation of public utilities in the United States is carried out by locally, state,

  A B C D

  and federal governments.

  2. The poet Marianne Moore was initially associated with the imagist movement, but


  later develops her own rhyme patterns and verse forms.

  B C D

  3. Studies of either vision and physical optics began almost as early as

  A B C

  civilization itself.


  4. James Whitcomb Riley, the Hoosier Poet, wrote many of his work in standard


  English, but he wrote his most popular poems in the dialect of his home state.

  B C D

  5. Pumps can operate under pressure ranging between a fraction of a pound to

  A B C

  more than 10,000 pounds per square inch.


  6. Approximately fifty percent of the package utilized in the United States are for

  A B

  foods and beverages.

  C D

  7. In some occupations, the computer has already replaced the motor vehicle as the

  A B C

  principal conserver of time and laboring.


  8. Farming becomes more expensive when farmers are forced to apply greater


  quantities of costly fertilizers for to sustain yields.

  B C D

  9. Booker T. Washington, an educational leader, worked throughout the lifetime to

  A B C

  improve economic conditions for Black people in the United States.


  10. In the Middle Ages, books called bestiaries were prepared in an attempt to


  describe animals, real or imagine, that exemplified human traits.

  B C D



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