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  Part C


  Read the following text carefully and then translate the underlined segments into Chinese. Your translation should be written clearly on ANSWER SHEET2. (10points)

  It is not easy to talk about the role of the mass media in this overwhelmingly significant phase in European history. History and news become confused, and one''s impressions tend to be a mixture of skepticism and optimism. (46)Television is one of the means by which these feelings are created and conveyed—and perhaps never before has it served to much to connect different peoples and nations as is the recent events in Europe.The Europe that is now forming cannot be anything other than its peoples, their cultures and national identities. With this in mind we can begin to analyze the European television scene. (47) In Europe, as elsewhere multi-media groups have been increasingly successful groups which bring together television, radio, newspapers, magazines and publishing houses that work in relation to one another. One Italian example would be the Berlusconi group, while abroad Maxwell and Murdoch come to mind.

  Clearly, only the biggest and most flexible television companies are going to be able to compete in such a rich and hotly-contested market. (48)This alone demonstrates that the television business is not an easy world to survive in a fact underlined by statistics that show that out of eighty European television networks, no less than 50% took a loss in 1989.

  Moreover, the integration of the European community will oblige television companies to cooperate more closely in terms of both production and distribution.

  (49) Creating a European identity that respects the different cultures and traditions which go to make up the connecting fabric of the Old continent is no easy task and demands a strategic choice—that of producing programs in Europe for Europe. This entails reducing our dependence on the North American market, whose programs relate to experiences and cultural traditions which are different from our own.

  In order to achieve these objectives, we must concentrate more on co-productions, the exchange of news, documentary services and training. This also involves the agreements between European countries for the creation of a European bank for Television Production which, on the model of the European Investments Bank, will handle the finances necessary for production costs. (50) In dealing with a challenge on such a scale, it is no exaggeration to say, Unity we stand, divided we fall—and if I had to choose a slogan it would be Unity in our diversity.A unity of objectives that nonetheless respect the varied peculiarities of each country.









  (2)单词如feelings,created“,conveyed和served的词义比较难确定。从句法上讲,该句是由两个并列句构成的,破折号以前的并列句还包含了一个由by which”引导的定语从句,而且是被动式的句子。在翻译这个并列句时,考生应首先关注该句的主语一表语结构:Television is one of the means“(电视是……手段之一),然后再关注跟在means后面的被动式定语从句。从翻译技巧上讲,英语被动式应尽可能用汉语主动式来翻译。最后再关注feelings”,created“和conveyed的词义。feehgs一词可译成感情、感觉、感受、情绪、知觉等,究竟应选择哪个汉语表达最准确,这要看feelings指的是什么了。该句前面谈到……one''s impressions tend to be amixture of skepticism and optimism(在欧洲的这段特殊的历史时期里,大众媒体的作用很难谈清楚。历史与新闻混淆在一起,人的印象趋于一种既怀疑又乐观的感受),因此,这里的feelings应指感受而非感情。created指引发而非创造(这些感受),conveyed指传递而非搬运或转让(这些感受)。这个并列句可译为电视是引发和传递这些感受的手段之一.该句的后一个并列句是个倒装句式neverbeforehasitdone……,关键是it指代什么。从上文看,it指代television(电视).servesomuchtodosth可译成在(做)什么方面发挥如此大的作用.该句可译为:电视在连结不同民族和国家方面从未发挥过如此大的作用。people加了s之后指民族,nations”指国家。


  [分析]难度0.563;区分度0.489.与46和49题相比,该题的难度不大,句子结构相对比较简单,包含一个主句multi-media groups have been increasing lysuccessful“,主句后跟了个含有两个定语从句的同位语groups which bring together television,radio,newspapers,magazines and publishingh ouses that work inrelation to oneanother,由which引导的定语从句是用来限定groups的;由that引导的定语从句是进一步说明television”,radio“,newspapers”,magazines和pubIishinghouses的。该句可分成两部分翻译。第一部分是冒号以前的主句,multi-mediagroups“要译成传媒集团,不可译成多媒体集团,以免引起歧义。increasingl ysuccessful”可译为传媒集团越来越成功.冒号后面的同位语部分可单独译成一句话,主语重复这些集团,谓语用定语从句中的谓语bring together(把……组合在一起),译为这些集团把……组合在一起.由that引导的定语从句这里可用一个简单的形容词相关的来翻译。



  (1)句子结构复杂,该句的主句包含一个宾语从句that the television bus inessis notan easy world to suvivein,一个同位语afact“,一个限定同位语的过去分词结构,里面还有一个限定介词宾语statistics的定语从句:thatshow……,以及动词show的宾语从句:nolessthan50%tookaloss;




  (1)主语因含两个不同层次的定语从句而变得太长,与谓语is和demands相隔太远,考生容易混淆;(2)这句话中的许多单词考生都很熟悉,但这里的具体词义却很难选定,如identity,connectingfabric“,the Old Continent”等。首先,考生可搭建起该句的基本结构:Creatings this no easy task,and demands a choice“(创造……是不容易的事情,需要做出……选择)。问题在于作主语的动名词creating后的成分,这里包含了两个不同层次的定语从句:thatrespects……;whichgotomakeup…….只要考生把creating”后的成分及其关系理解清楚并翻译顺当,事情就成功了一大半。考生不妨按照原句的次序先梳理一下思路:要创造出一种欧洲品牌不是件易事-一一这种欧洲品牌尊重不同的文化和传统一一这些不同的文化和传统把欧洲大陆编织成一体。按照汉语的行文习惯,英语中后置的定语从句应提前,放在被限定的名词之前,因此,翻译时要先把最后部分提前。

  从词义层面上讲,这句话的难度也很大。如identity一词,原意为身份、特性、一致、本体、个体,但这些词义都与原文所包含的意义不大相符。紧接这句话的是:that of producing programs in Europe for Europe. This entail sreducing our dependence ont he North American market,whose programs relate to experience sandcul tural traditions which are different from our own“(也就是选择在欧洲为欧洲制作电视节目。减少对北美市场的依赖,因为他们的节目所涉及的体验和文化传统与我们自己的大为不同).由此可见,这里的Europeanidentity指的是一种不同于北美的、代表欧洲特性的标志,因此译为品牌比较合适。另外,theOldContinent特指发现北美新大陆之前的欧洲大陆,因此这里不宜译成老大陆,而应明确译为欧洲大陆.




  (2)on such a scale和dealwith的译法,dealwith可译成处理应对,on such a scale可译成如此规模的.另外,过去分词united和divided 实际上是if we are united和if we are divided的省略,意思是:假如我们联合,我们就生存;假如我们分裂,我们就灭亡.

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