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  201.the treasure of the whole family 全家的宝贝

  202.satisfy the child's need 满足孩子的需要

  203.the spoiled child 被宠坏的孩子

  204.Moreover, too much praise makes the children proud, which further spoils them and renders them liable to develop all kinds of bad habits in the long run 另外一点是,从长远看来,对孩子过度的赞扬会助长其骄傲心理,他们依仗父母的宠爱,可能会染上各种坏习惯。

  205.ensure their normal growth and development 促进他们的健康成长与发展

  206.the harmful effect of indulgence 放任(孩子)的危害

  207.the inevitable by-products of the diploma craze 文凭热的必然产物

  208.lay too much emphasis on their candidates' educational background 过于看重应聘者的教育背景

  209.win the employer's favor 获得顾主的青睐

  210.Therefore, fake diplomas disturb the normal order of job markets and do great harm to society. 因此,假文凭破坏就业市场的正常秩序,对社会造成极大危害。

  211.anti-forgery technology 防伪技术

  212.fabricate 伪造(文书)

  213.We should not only expose the fabricators through media but also punish them severely by law. 对造假者不仅应该通过媒体将其曝光,还应该用法律手段严加惩罚。

  214.Some children become so addicted to the foreign snacks that they will go eating whenever possible. 有些孩子对洋快餐迷恋到了极点,一有可能就要去吃。

  215.junk food 圾食品

  216.Through their contact with animal, children learn how to take care of those dependent on them, which helps them develop a sense of responsibility and cultivate their patience as well. 通过与动物相处,孩子们能学会如何照顾好那些需要关爱的动物,有助于培养他们的责任感和耐心。

  217.However, for a few people, keeping pets is an ostentatious display of their wealth. 然而,对某些人而言,饲养宠物只是炫耀财富的一种手段。

  218.cause serious hygiene problems 引发严重的卫生问题

  219.The barking of dogs and mewing of cats can also be an annoyance to the neighbors 狗和猫的叫声会影响邻里。

  220.As the saying goes, women can hold up half the sky. 俗话说得好,妇女能顶半边天。

  221.They compete with men in many fields and contribute significantly to society. 她们在许多领域与男子一起开展工作,为社会做出了重要贡献。

  222.They are no longer tied to the household chores and the job of bringing up their children. 她们的工作不再仅限于家务琐事和养儿育女。

  223.Although women's status has changed considerately, their complete liberation if far from being realized. 尽管妇女的地位有了很大程度的提高,但她们的彻底解放依然任重道远。

  224.Their work is often undervalued and underpaid. 她们的工作通常不被重视,薪酬较低。

  225.The elimination of such injustice requires the concern and efforts of the whole society. 要消除这种不平等还需要全社会的关注与努力。

  226.face the danger of extinction (生物等)面临灭绝的危险

  227.(be) confronted with 面临(危险,困难等),面对

  228.They are an indispensable part of ecosystem and natural beauty. 它们(野生动物)是生态系统和自然美中不可缺少的一部分。

  229.wild life reserve 野生动物保护区

  230.Only if we human beings take some drastic measures can wild animals be preserved. 只有采取果断措施,野生动物才能得以保护。

  231.narrow the gap between…缩小……之间的差距(分歧)

  232.In this way, both parental hopes and personal ideals will come true. 这样,父母的期望与个人的理想都能实现。

  233.The expansion of deserts must be stopped if we are to survive on this planet. 如果我们想在这个星球上生活下去,沙漠扩张的势头必须得到遏止。

  234.a green belt of trees 绿化带

  235.We hope that man can make great efforts to develop better ways to bring the spreading deserts under control. 我们希望人类能竭尽全力来控制沙漠的蔓延。

  236.It is not difficult to explain the reason for their surprising amount of interest in famous people''s lives.记者对名人生活如此热衷,其原因不难解释。

  237.satisfy one's curiosity 满足某人的好奇心

  238.lead a normal life 过正常人的生活

  239.Famous people are also citizens.They have the right to keep their own privacy like ordinary people—— the basic right which should be respected, protected and guaranteed by our laws in whatever circumstances. 名人也是人。 他们有权像普通人一样拥有自己的隐私,这种权利在任何情况下都应该得到尊重,保护和保证。

  240.relieve us of the fatigue from work 使我们从工作的疲惫中解脱出来。

  241.balance one's budget(收入)预算平衡

  242.on one‘s own 独自,靠自己

  243.adapt to college life 适应大学生活

  244.Only in this way can we lead a meaningful and fruitful college life. 只有这样,我们的大学生活才更有意义,更有收获。

  245.peer group 同龄人群体

  246.stay up late 熬夜

  247.self-image 自身形象

  248.cultivate our other interests 培养各方面的兴趣

  249.development in an all-around way 全面发展

  250.a rewarding job 有价值的工作,满意的工作

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