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  151.lottery citizens “彩民”

  152.sponsor charities or athletic development 扶持慈善事业与体育发展

  153.try one's luck 碰运气

  154.make easy money 轻松赚钱

  155.great temptation 巨大的诱惑

  156.In my mind, lottery is much the same as gambling in nature and it certainly brings more negative effects than positive effects, if any. 在我看来,购买彩票与赌博在性质上并无二致,它有很多负面作用,而正面作用却微乎其微。

  157.earning-quick-buck mentality 迅速暴富的思想

  158.Secondly, not a few people, being indulged in lottery, lose not only initiative for work but also interest in life. 第二,不少人对彩票痴心不改,对工作失去了积极性,对生活失去了兴趣。

  159.Wishful thinking 如意算盘

  160.fall into four categories 归结为四类

  161.addiction to drugs 吸毒成瘾

  162.habitual drug-takers(吸毒)瘾君子

  163.First, mass media keep us well informed of the happenings of the world which would otherwise remain unknown. 首先,通过大众传媒,我们对世界风云变幻了如指掌,否则我们就会一无所知。

  164.They must make great efforts to meet the satisfaction of the adults, and at the same time go out of their way to avoid imposing bad influence on the children. 他们既要努力满足成年观众的需求,又要避免影片对儿童产生不利影响。

  165.Films and TV series ought to educate the young but not to ruin them. 影片和电视节目应对未成年人起到教化作用而不是教唆作用。

  166.combine book knowledge with practice 将书本知识与实践结合

  167.Though it does good to college students in many ways, the golden week can never be said to bring no problems. 对大学生而言,尽管黄金周好处多多,但其负面效应也是客观存在的。

  168.cherish time 珍惜时间

  169.Nowadays we have heard too much about piracy here and there. 今天,盗版现象随处可见pirated videos and pornographic publications 盗版影碟或淫秽出版物

  170.make great fortune overnight 一夜暴富

  171.authentic copyright holders 版权合法持有者

  172.prosecute 起诉

  173.employ more scientific and advanced inspection methods 利用更多科学,先进的检测手段

  174.only attach importance to superficial characteristics 只注重产品的外在特征

  175.tell the authentic copy from the false one 将正版与盗版区分开来

  176.Actions speak louder than words. 行动胜于空谈。

  177.The early 1990's witnessed an unprecedented tide of rural workers flooding into big cities. 20世纪90年代初期,农民工开始如潮水般地涌入大城市。

  178.No one denies the important contribution rural workers have made to urban development. 没有人能否认农民工为城市建设做出的重要贡献。

  179.An indispensable part of urban life 城市生活中不可或缺的一部分

  180.Yet an anti-migrant attitude runs consistently through the mainstream of urbanization. 然而,反对农民工进城的态度一直贯穿于城市化主流进程之中。

  181.They also blame them for the sharp rise in urban crime rate. 他们还把城市犯罪率的急剧上升归罪于农民工。

  182.Most of the government officials are honest and hardworking, but cases of dishonesty and corruption in government are frequently reported in recent years. 大多数政府官员是诚实敬业的。但近年来官员渎职,腐败案件时有发生。

  183.seek ease and comfort 贪图安逸享乐

  184.neglect one's duty 玩忽职守

  185.They abuse the power entrusted to them by the people. 他们滥用人民赋予的权利。

  186.government at all levels 各级政府

  187.launch a nationwide campaign against all forms of corruption 在全国范围内开展反腐败斗争。

  188.serve the people whole-heartedly 全心全意为人民服务。

  189.expose and denounce the offenders 曝光和揭发违法犯罪者

  190.supervisory authorities 监督部门

  191.a guarantee to strengthen the economic construction 促进经济建设的保证

  192.take strict and effective measures 采取严厉,有效的手段

  193.Honesty can earn government high prestige among people, and maintain the close ties between government and its people. 诚实守信能为政府赢得威信,加强政府与人民的密切联系。

  194.a dramatic increase 急剧的增长

  195.shortsightedness 短视的行为,无远见的行为

  196.quit school 辍学

  197.earn one's living 谋生

  198.make the farmers fully aware of the importance of the young generation's education 使农民充分认识到青少年教育的重要性。

  199.lighten their financial burden 减轻他们的经济负担

  200.one-child policy 独生子女政策

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