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  251.put one's ability into full play让某人的能力得以充分施展。

  252.job prospect 就业前景

  253.gear their courses to the needs of industries and business 使他们的课程适应工商业活动的需要

  254.source of knowledge and wisdom 知识和智慧的源泉

  255.place too much emphasis on grades 过于看重分数

  256.rigid grading system 僵化的评分制度

  257.Chinese primary and middle school students have been groaning under huge amount of homework, frequent exams and ambitious expectations of their parents. 长期以来,中国中小学生不堪重负,这种压力源自大量的作业,频繁的考试和父母过高的要求。

  258.physical and psychological health 身心健康

  259.moderately reduce students'study load 适度减轻学生学习负担

  260.We should explore various evaluation systems so as to arouse students'practical ability and interest in study instead of just giving them grades. 我们应努力探索各种评价手段,以提高学生的实际能力和学习兴趣,一味以分取人的做法不可取。

  261.neither overuse nor misuse the reference books 既不滥用也不误用参考书

  262.make concerted efforts to publish fewer but better reference books 一起努力,出版精品参考书

  263.The psychological courses open a door for communication and relaxation 心理课程提供了交流和放松心情的机会。

  264.Learning to get on well with others should be a part of our school education. 学会与人相处是学校教育的应有之义。

  265.We were often told that sometimes personal relationship is even more important than our professional skills or knowledge for our future career. 我们知道,人在职场,有时人际关系甚至比专业知识更为重要。

  266.face the fierce competition 面对激烈的竞争

  267.Times are different, and the job market demands personnel with a variety of skills. 时代不同了,人才市场需要不同才干的人。

  268.Firstly, there is a recognition that an candidate with a master's degree will have an competitive advantage over those with only a bachelor‘s degree. 首先,人们意识到,在就业竞争中,拥有硕士学位者比只拥有学士学位者占有优势。

  269.Consequently many companies set a much higher standard for new recruits than ever. 因此,许多公司在新员工招聘标准方面设置了比以往要高得多的门槛。

  270.Then if conditions change, you can slip with comparative ease from one field into another, avoiding the pain of waking up to find yourself out of a job. 一旦情形有变,你可以比较轻松地跳槽,免受突如其来的失业痛苦。

  271.Obviously public awareness of the situation has created a surge of interest in acquiring a master's degree. 很显然,人们对这种形式心知肚明,从而导致攻读硕士学位的热情日益高涨。

  272.Going abroad for studies benefits us enormously.In addition to knowledge, we can gain experience those who stay at home will never have. 出国求学使我们受益匪浅。我们不仅能获得知识,还能获得与国内生活迥异的经历。

  273.a different perspective of the world. 不同的世界观

  274.(be) exposed to different ideas and values(使)接触到不同的思想和价值观

  275.culture shock 文化震荡,文化冲击

  276.The payoff is worthwhile. 其回报是丰厚的。

  277.perseverance 毅力

  278.adolescence 青春期,青年期

  279.When the children come back, who can guarantee that they can adapt to the fierce competition here?当这些孩子回来后,谁能保证他们定能适应国内的激烈竞争呢?

  280.We can see clearly that although teenagers'' studying abroad may bring some favorable results, there are still a lot to worry about. 我们不难看出,尽管青少年出国留学有一定好处,但让人担忧之处也有很多。

  281.Nowadays some college graduates complain that what they learned at college is not much helpful to them in their future work. 如今,一些大学毕业生抱怨,在学校学到的知识对他们要从事的工作没什么太大的帮助。

  282.It is high time for colleges to advance a revised teaching program and adapt their curricula to the requirements of new times. 大学急需修订其教学计划,使课程体系适应新时代的需求。

  283.the planned economy 计划经济

  284.a market-oriented economy 市场经济

  285.It is essential for colleges to make adjustments to their curricula and catch up with the rapid development of modern society. 大学有必要对其课程体系做出调整,从而跟上现代社会的发展步伐。

  286.far-reaching 深远的

  287.gain social experience 获得社会经验

  288.conduct some social investigations 做一些社会调查

  289.drop out of school 失学

  290.poverty-stricken area 贫困地区

  291.call on people in the developed areas to lend their hands to those children 号召发达地区的人们帮助那些(贫困)孩子

  292.Therefore, the Project Hope is the hope of those remote regions as well as that of the whole nation. 因此,希望工程体现的不仅是那些边远地区的希望,也体现了整个国家的希望。

  293.pocket money 零用钱

  294.I firmly believe that with the effort of our government and the whole nation, the Project Hope is bound to be a success. 我相信,在我们政府和全国人民的努力下,希望工程一定能取得成功。

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