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  Directions: Study the following picture carefully and write an essay in which you should

  1) describe the picture

  2) account for its implied meaning, and

  3) give your own comment


  Going to University


  Learning Is an Honor

  As is indicated in the picture, an adolescent is telling [双宾语] his grandfather a good news - he can go to a state-class university with his University Admission Report, while his grandpa has also received his own Admission Report of the university for the elder. How exciting and encouraging it is!

  Look at this picture, we ponder the following implication: learning is an honor! Why so? In this day and age, knowledge of human beings is advancing at an unprecedented rate in a multitude of areas. Since the advent of the information era, education has been playing a pivotal role in individual development. We will not be abandoned by the society if we keep learning. For example, Li Zhengdao, a famous Chinese scientist, has kept learning. Then he got great success in the world. He is a real [名词包装] idol for all of Chinese youth[多用词组].

  It is evident now that history witnesses learning as a matter of the first importance[头等大事]. As long as we live and learn, we will be a winner in this competitive globe. Let's work hard to learn from now on. This is the honor in one's all life![用状语词组加重语气]



  Directions: Study the following picture carefully and write an essay in which you should

  1. describe the picture

  2. interpret its implied meaning,and

  3. give your own comment.


  (注释:蚁穴ant nest)


  Little Mistake Leads to Fatal Failure

  As is vividly indicated in the picture, a powerful long dam is built to prevent the river from flooding people's houses and fields. However,it can be unexpectedly destroyed just due to an ant nest, whose destructive power [多用形容词和副词,表达你的情感和态度,这是描述句的特点。] are too commonly seen to ignore in a real life. How thought-provoking and constructive the scene is!

  What can be implied from the picture? It is what follows: To begin with, in our study or work, people are usually blind to petty bad habits that limit individual progress and development, such as absent-minded mood and dozing off in the public. What's more, lots of details, if not treated properly, have often become hazard and bring about losses; for instance, many fires were caused widely by carelessness of smoking or other factors. Also, the ignorance of trifles and chores will make much waste and pollution. For instance, some people are not sensitive to water waste, and still some are accustomed to throwing rubbish everywhere at their will. All this may mostly spoil the peaceful and harmonious environment. Therefore, everyone ought to consider the little misdeeds, bad habits and the like [等等]; stop them on time and you will make your career go well and smoothly.

  In my view, as for potential youth, above all, we should not ignore little problems, and do our best to reduce the possibility of accident. Besides, we have to control our behaviors and establish good habits rationally. At last, we ought to remind people around of the saying: Little mistake may lead to failure。 [前呼后应、一气呵成] Only in this way can we avoid dangers and keep us away from disaster, striding into harmonious society.



  Directions: Study the following picture carefully and write an essay in which you should

  1. describe the picture

  2. interpret its implied meaning,and

  3. give your own comment.



  Grandfather Doing Homework for His Grandson

  As is vividly betrayed in the drawing above, the grandfather is so tired as to sleep(doze off),for he has[现在完成进行时] been doing all his grandson's homework. And we can find that [用过渡词语] the undone homework is still before this excessively overworked old man.[这句话描写得很好] The drawing exposes a common phenomenon in our society. How thought-provoking it is!

  The implied meaning of the drawing is worth discussing. To begin with, the youngster generation are not working hard so much as older generation since they are not willing to do all the jobs by themselves. Take boring [名词包装表达你的语气和态度] homework as example. Very often it is found that all these tasks are left to parents and grandparents[用同义词语]. Is it unilateral responsibility for the youngster generation? I think it's partly because the old generation should undertake the responsibility for this phenomenon. The older generation love their youngsters too dearly that they fear the youngster generation may bear a little suffering; so the old, if possible, do everything for the young. The result is that the old generation are excessively overworked while [对比关系] the youngster generation are becoming useless without fundamental life skills.

  To conclude, as solid youngsters, in my view, we can not go father and fly higher if we youth excessively depend on the old generation. [此句运用得很好] And the older generation should encourage youngsters to make their own careers[正面论证]. As long as much trained in difficulties and challenges, [年轻人只有经过磨练,百炼成钢,这样的含义需要写出来]we Chinese youths will soon be strong players in this competitive globe.



  Directions: Study the following picture carefully and write an essay in which you should

  1. describe the picture

  2. interpret its implied meaning,and

  3. give your own comment.



  Keep Our Achievements Progressing

  As can be seen from the picture,a big worm is leisurely enjoying an apple. It's obvious that the apple represents achievements while the worm represents law-breakers or some wicked guys. What is implied in the picture is that great achievements are sometimes undermined by illegal acts and even crimes.

  To illustrate,our socialist construction and its achievements can be compared to the large ripe apple and law-breakers to the worm. Since China implements the policy of reform and opening to the outside world and especially since China gained its entry into the WTO,China/s economy has been growing at an unprecedented speed,with its annual GDP increasing by over 7 percent. Chinese people's standard of living has been greatly improved even since. But the law-breakers are doing harm to country's interests——stealing,robbing,and destructing the public facilities. Worse still, some officials,as it is reported,have made frequent negligence to set aside the public funds for their own purpose. Hence,all these vicious acts may largely ruin the achievements that Chinese people have strenuously attained.

  To completely wipe out theseworms,effective pesticidesmust be developed and applied. Thereby,the first and foremost thing to do is(to)keep alert and seek out those pests as early as possible. To put it in other words,concerted efforts should be made to keep our society developing more energetically so that all the people can share the brilliant life in peace and harmony.

  [243 words]



  Directions: Study the following picture carefully and write an essay in which you should describe the picture, interpret its implied meaning,and give your own comment.


  Longing for Peace

  As is clearly seen in the picture:a dove,from one's hands,is ready to fly high into the sky. Anyone who looks at this sight may imagine a peaceful world where peoples,regardless of nationality,race,color or religion,will live in peace and harmony,for dove is universally acknowledged as the symbol of peace.

  However,today's world is at risk of war and conflicts,and it is in urgent need of peace. In many parts of the world,peace is still an illusion. The fights and conflicts between nations are a commonplace case in point. The global TV media are flooded every day with news of deaths and injuries in some areas. Repeated attempts have been made to restore peace and order,but most of them turn out to be fruitless. A recent one entitled“Road Map”is well proposed but not well in progress,which is,therefore,doomed to the impediment to the peace progress.

  In view of the turbulent past,all nations should reconsider the sources of conflicts and take effective actions to curb them. Above all,all governments should learn to resolve their disputes in a peaceful way. Under all circumstances,dialogues should prevail,for this practice can only result in the virtual circle of advance. Moreover,international community should make concerted efforts to help two parities resolve their problems instead of taking“wait and see”attitude. If everybody contributes to the peace cause,our world will become a better place to live in.

  [240 words]


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