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  1) The government is taking effective(有效的)measures to overcome current difficulties.

  2) We are making further efforts to decrease the cost of production.

  3) The local government has get up a number of colleges and technical schools to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding economy in the region.

  4) They have done pretty well in coping with the problem of storing radioactive(放射性的)was.

  5) The school authorities have done much in the way of improving working and living conditions for the teachers.

  6) Ways must be found to assure our children a decent start(良好的开端)in life.

  7) The scientific approach to a problem lies first of all in collecting as much data as possible.

  8) In some countries,the constitution(宪法)forbids the military use of nuclear energy.

  9) In order to stabilize the economy,the government has worked hard to lower the rate of inflation(通货膨胀).

  10) A great deal has been done to protect the children from the harmful influence of bad books.


  1) Though people of different cultures may experience difficulties in learning to communicate with one another, cultural awareness and an open mind can reduce these difficulties.

  2) While it may be more convenient to possess a car,it is also expensive and troublesome at times.

  3) Though I do well in my history and language classes,I feel quite stupid when it comes to math and science.

  4) Although I do not earn a great deal of money for this job,the pleasure I receive from the work makes it worthwhile.

  5) Though the job is new to us,we are confident we'll learn to do it in a couple of days.

  6) Although he had the opportunity to hunt and fish with great Indian outdoorsmen, he was denied opportunity in other ways.


  1) Partly because of increased awareness,the incidence(发病率)of  AIDS has dropped in many U.S. cities.

  2) This is probably because of the way we are taught as children.

  3) Because of excellent weather conditions and extremely strong signals,Venusian scientists were able to get valuable information as to the feasibility of a manned flying saucer landing on Earth.

  4) Because of the pressure(压力)of examinations, many students are left with little or no free time.

  5) How one presents himself at an interview will often decide whether or not he will be given a job.

  6) Perhaps it's because few of us know how to accept compliments(赞扬)gracefully.

  7) Because of this defensive reaction,direct compliments are surprisingly difficult to give.

  8) That is why some of the most valued pats on the back are those which come to us indirectly,in a letter or passed on by a friend.

  9) That is why housework is considered such a dreary grind(乏味的苦差事)。

  10) I don't teach because teaching is easy for me. Nor do I teach because I think I know answers,or because I have knowledge I feel compelled (非得)to share.

  11) I teach because I like the pace of the academic calendar;I teach because teaching is a profession built on change; I teach because I like the freedom to make my own mistakes.

  12) I have left out the most important reasons why I teach.

  13) The reason for this is that technology feeds on itself

  14) Owing to fierce competition among the airlines,travel expenses have been lowered considerably.

  15) Owing to the lack of coordination between the two sides,the project has made little progress so far.

  16) The teacher tried to encourage her students to become less dependent on their parents because they would sooner or later have to take care of themselves.

  17) Yet the public has every reason to be wary of professional deception(欺骗).

  18) At times, they see important reasons to lie for the patient's own sake.


  1)One of the greatest problems facing the 21st century will be what to do with all the rubbish produced in the world.

  2) The frequent use of drugs (毒品)is a serious problem among some American young people.

  3) To travel abroad is a desire shared by many people,but few can afford to do it.

  4) Man still has a lot to learn about the most powerful and complex part of his body-the brain.

  5) We had a ling debate as to whether we should spend so much money on space technology.

  6) Many people have the bad habit of spending money on impulse.

  7) The custom of having one's marriage arranged by parents has disappeared in many parts of the world but continues in some Asian and African countries.

  8) Cheating is now considered to be a major problem in colleges and universities.

  9) No agreement was reached as to how the plan should be carried out.

  10) True, the cost of living has gone up, but so have the workers 'wages.

  11) I had trouble learning or doing something important to me.

  12) She had a little trouble with her typing.

  13) Many university students experience severe tension (紧张)as final exams draw near.

  14) Until recently this hostile (敌对的)attitude towards daydreaming was the most common one .

  15) Many people find it harder and harder to keep up with the radical changes that characterize our time.

  16) If this project is to be carried out,we must have all the help that modern technology can supply.

  17) When the days seem to go by slowly,you can tell that you're not enjoying yourself.

  18) Large amounts of food imports placed a great strain(负担)on the country's gold reserve(黄金储备).

  19)Corruption(腐败)in government is not tolerated in any country that wants to achieves rapid economic growth and improve the life of its citizens.

  20) At first thought, the problem seems far too involved (复杂),but it can certainly be solved when seriously dealt with .

  21) Colleges are not always adjusted to the needs of society to they need reform from time to time.

  22) We're all used to thinking that work provides the material things of life.

  18. 表示可能性

  1)If I wasn't able to avoid a mistake,chances were that no other surgeon could have,either.

  2) I think it is very unlikely that he will get the job;however,it may be worth a try.

  3) I feel sure that if I had come from a different background,and had really been unemployed,there is every chance that I would have been found guilty (有罪).

  4) If you try to pass the problems by,it would be impossible for you to make any progress in this field.

  5) Then you might as well (完全可以)make a little money from them.

  6) If the right kind of extracurricular (课外的) activities are organized,those children who have a surplus of energy(学有余力) will have a chance to develop their talents much more quickly.

  7) It was almost impossible for an Indian to gain even a fair education an extremely difficult,as a result,for an Indian to rise high in life.

  8) However carefully restricted the upward trips might be ,the chances are that the dwellers(居民)of the new caves would see more greenery than dwellers of surface cities do today .


  1)We never lose heart when we meet with difficulties in our work.

  2) Colleges and universities across the nation have decided to do more than talk about the rise in student cheating.

  3) Nothing can stand in the way of the Chinese people in their resolve (决心)to modernize their country.

  5) Anyway (不管怎样),don't give up . You could do it if you really resolve to do it.

  6) Those animal protectors claimed solemnly(严肃的) that they would spare no efforts?(不遗余力地)to carry the struggle through to the end.

  20. 表示建议

  1) I would like to propose that from sixty to ninety minutes each evening all television broadcasting in the United States be prohibited by law.

  2) You should take advantage of this opportunity and try to make good impression on them.

  3) Neither believe nor reject anything because any other person has rejected or believed it.

  4) Greater efforts are needed before we can attain our goal of economic reform.

  5) A country should protect its natural resources by fighting against waste.

  6) Sometimes even an one-day vacation from work is enough to allow us to regain our strength and return to work fit and ready to do a better job.

  7) If we concentrate our efforts on improving quality,our products will certainly be more competitive on the world market.

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