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考研网校复习专区英语阅读练习九:Why texting harms your IQ

考研教育网   2006-07-31 09:08 【 】【我要纠错

  The regular use of text messages and e-mails can lower the IQ more than twice as much as smoking marijuana.

  That is the claim of psychologists who have found that tapping away on a mobile phone or computer keypad or checking them for electronic messages temporarily knocks up to ten points off the user''s IQ.

  This rate of decline in intelligence compares unfavourably with the four-point drop in IQ associated with smoking marijuana, according to British researchers, who have labelled the fleeting phenomenon of enhanced stupidity as infomania。

  Research on sleep deprivation suggests that the IQ drop caused by electronic obsession is also equivalent to a wakeful night.

  Infomania is mainly a problem for adult workers, especially men, the study commissioned by Hewlett Packard, the technology company, has concluded.

  The noticeable drop in IQ is attributed to the constant distraction of always on technology when employees should be concentrating on what they are paid to do. Infomania means that they lose concentration as their minds remain fixed in an almost permanent state of readiness to react to technology instead of focusing on the task in hand.

  Workers lose productivity by interrupting a business meeting and disrupt social gatherings because of their infirmity, the report said.

  The brain also finds it hard to cope with juggling lots of tasks at once, reducing its overall effectiveness, it added. And while modern technology can have huge benefits, excessive use can be damaging not only to a person''s mind, but to their social life.

  Furthermore, infomania is having a negative effect on work colleagues, increasing stress and dissenting feelings. Nine out of ten polled thought that colleagues who answered e-mails or messages during a face-to-face meeting were extremely rude. Yet one in three Britons believes that it is not only acceptable, but actually diligent and efficient to do so.

  The effects on IQ were studied by Dr Glenn Wilson, a University of London psychologist, as part of the research project. This is a very real and widespread phenomenon, he said. We have found that infomania, if unchecked, will damage a worker''s performance by reducing their mental sharpness. Companies should encourage a more balanced and appropriate way of working.












  伦敦大学的心理学家Glenn Wilson博士正在做一个名为“这是一个真实的的普遍现象”的研究项目,信息狂躁对智商的影响是其中的一个部分。他说:“如果不进行检查控制,信息狂躁将会降低员工的精神敏感度,进而影响其工作效率。所以,公司应提倡一种更加平衡的适当的工作方式。”


  1、text  v.发送短信(文字讯息)[新词意]

  2、tap on  vt.在……上轻敲,轻拍

  3、knock up  v. (使)筋疲力尽, (使)累垮

  4、label  vt.贴标签于,指……为,分类,标注

  5、deprivation  n.剥夺[动词为deprive vt.剥夺,使丧失]

  6、be equivalent to 相等[当]于……,等(同)于,与……等效

  7、commission  vt.委任,任命,委托,委托制作


  8、attribute to  v.归因于

  9、cope with  v.与……竞争,应付

  10、while  conj.虽然,尽管

  例句:While the grandparents love the children, they are strict with them.


  11、dissenting  adj. (=dissentient)不同意的

  12、poll  v.投票,获得选票,选举中获得

  13、face-to-face  adv.面对面地

  14、unchecked  adj.未受制止的,未经检查的,未加抑制的

  15、appropriate  adj.适当的




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