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  1.Do you often go online chatting with strangers?Everyday,millions of people,especially the young,are online chatting with friends or with strangers.


  2.The successful launch and return of the manned spacecraft Shenzhou IV is deemed both a symbol of national prestige and a sign of advanced science and technology,which will definitely contribute to the economic growth of our country.


  3.We all know that China is still a developing country and its education still lags behind that of developed countries.Many young Chinese are denied chances of receiving higher education because of insufficient educational facilities.


  4.They say that pride comes before a fall.In the case of both Napoleon and Hitler,they won many victories,which led them to believe that anything was possible and that nothing could stand in their way.But Russia's icy defender proved them wrong.

  人道是骄兵必败。就拿拿破仑和希特勒(Napoleon and Hitler)来说吧,他们所想披靡,便以为自己战无不胜,不可阻挡。但俄罗斯的冰雪战士证明他们错了。

  5.Well begun is half done,as the saying goes.It is extremely important for a job applicant to make sufficient preparations while seeking employment.From my standpoint,whether or not one has prepared adequately clearly makes a difference in (affects) his chance of success.I have a friend who is earning around 100 thousand dollars a year in a computer software company.He told me that,from his own experience,those who can decide whether an applicant could be employed prefer people who are well prepared.


  6.I consider it worthwhile trying to summarize our experience in learning English.Here I would like to make three relevant points.First,extensive reading should be taken as a priority in the learning process,because it is through reading that we get the most language input.Next,learning by heart as many well-written essays as possible is also very important.With an enormous store of excellent essays in our heads,we will find it much easier to express ourselves in English.Finally,it is critical that we should put what we have learnt into practice.By doing more reading,writing,listening and speaking,we will be able to accomplish the task of perfecting our English.


  7.Is America going to decline like other great powers (nations) in history ?The author thinks not,arguing that the type of society created in America is quite unlike any that has gone before it.Read what he has to say and see whether you agree.


  8.More than a decade ago,the mobile phone was a luxury for only a few,but now it is very common.The rapid spread of the mobile phone is perhaps one of the great miracles of our time.


  9.Some people seem easy to understand:their character appears obvious on first meeting.Appearances,however,can be deceptive.For thirty years now I have been studying my fellowmen.I don't know very much about them.I shrug my shoulders when people tell me that their first impressions of a person are always right.I think they must have small insight or great vanity.For my own part I find that the longer I know people,the more they puzzle me.

  有些人似乎容易了解:他们的个性在初次交往时就表露无遗。然而,外表可能具有欺骗性。三十年来,我一直在研究我的人类同胞,但至今了解不多。每当有人跟我说他对一个人的首次印象向来不错的时候,我就耸耸肩。我想这种人不是无知,就是自大。就我而言,我觉得,认识一个人的时间越长,就越觉得困惑。(be ignorant or self-righteous;self-centered; self-confident; self-discipline; self-educated; self-employed; self-esteem; selfish)

  10.As the pace of life in today‘s world grows ever faster, we seem forever on the go.With so much to do and so little time to do it in, how are we to cope?Dr.Smith sets about untangling the problem and comes up with an answer.


  11.In America many people have a romantic idea of life in the countryside.Many living in towns dream of starting up their own farm,of living off the land.Few get round to putting their dreams into practice.This is perhaps just as well,as the life of a farmer is far from easy,as Jim Doherty discovered when he set out to combine being a writer with running a farm.Nevertheless,as he explains,he has no regrets and remains enthusiastic about his decision to change his way of life.


  12.Professor Huntington's paper greatly inspired me.According to him,in a plural society,there will inevitably be different opinions.The key is to deal with them in such a way that they can play a constructive rather than destructive role.He argues that in a plural society we must stress/attach importance to interpersonal relationships,cooperation,and look at issues from the perspective of other people.If some groups regard themselves as superior and treat other ethnic groups or religions with disrespect,the whole society may be paralyzed.I am convinced that if we put into practice the ideas mentioned above,then there is the possibility of creating a new civilization.


  13.Making a living as a door-to-door salesman demands a thick skin,both to protect against the weather and against constantly having the door shut in your face.Bill Porter puts up with all this and much,much more.


  14.When children take up ways of making a living that differ greatly from their parents,differences in outlook can easily arise.This is what Alfred found.Brought up in the family of a building worker,education led him to develop different interests and ambitions from his father.Here he writes about how this affected their relationship.


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