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  UK tops list for foreign direct investment

  The UK received more inward investment than any other country last year as global foreign direct investment reached a four-year high, buoyed by a wave of mergers and acquisitions in the 30 economically advanced nations of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

  But the Paris-based body warned for the first time that investment and growth were threatened by knee-jerk reactions against takeovers, based on national security concerns and a sense that not all countries and their companies played by the same rules.

  Examples included the frustrated bid by CNOOC, the Chinese oil company for US-based Unocal and the resistance met by Gazprom, the Russian energy giant, in its attempts to secure a bigger foothold in gas distribution in Europe.

  In the European Union, governments and regulators in some cases have expressed hostility to take-overs even by countries domiciled in other EU countries, the report said. In the area of public utilities, it cited the Spanish government''s efforts to block the German group Eon''s bid for Endesa and the Suez-Gaz de France merger, promoted by the French government to thwart a possible bid for Suez from Italy''s Enel.

  The UK was the target of many of the world''s largest takeovers last year which helped propel it to the top of the recipients'' league table. These included the£7bn ($12.7bn) acquisition of Allied Domecq, the drinks group, by France''s Pernod Ricard. The merger between Shell Transport and Trading and Royal Dutch Petroleum into Royal Dutch Shell, with headquarters in the Netherlands, also made a substantial contribution.

  The US was the second largest recipient with $110bn, though this was an 18 per cent fall from 2004. US outwards direct investment fell from its usually high level to virtually zero? probably a temporary effect of tax changes to US multinationals'' qualifying dividends from abroad.

  Outside the OECD, China hit a record as a destination for FDI, with inflows of $72bn, surpassed only by the UK and US.





  报告表示,在某些情况下,欧盟各国政府和监管部门“对注册地甚至在欧盟其它国家的企业进行收购均有敌意”。在公用事业领域,报告引用的例子包括,西班牙政府试图阻止德国集团Eon竞购Endesa,以及法国苏伊士(Suez-Gaz de France)合并的做法;法国政府推动了苏伊士的合并交易,以阻止意大利国家电力公司(Enel)对苏伊士可能出现的竞购。

  英国是去年许多全球最大并购案的目标,并购帮助把英国的排名推到资金接受国排名的首位。这些并购案包括,法国佩尔诺-里卡尔公司(Pernod Ricard)收购酒业集团联合多美(Allied Domecq);壳牌运输贸易公司(Shell Transport and Trading)与荷兰皇家石油(Royal Dutch Petroleum)合并成立荷兰皇家壳牌石油公司(Royal Dutch Shell),总部设在荷兰,该并购案对英国的排名也做出重大贡献。




  buoy  n.(湖,河等中的)浮标,浮筒,救生圈


  merger  n.合并,归并

  acquisition  n.获得,获得物

  security  n.安全

  frustrated  adj.失败的,落空的

  domiciled  adj.指定支付地点的,定居的

  thwart  adj.横放的




  recipients  n.收件人

  recipient  adj.容易接受的,感受性强的


  multinational  adj.多国的,跨国公司的,多民族的


  surpass  vt.超越,胜过




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