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  21——25 CACDB

  26——30 ABCDD

  31——36 CACDB

  37——40 BBDCA

  解析:TEXT 1

  21. The word“homogenizing”(line 2,Para 1)most probably means

  A. identifying

  B. associating

  C. assimilating

  D. monopolizing


  22. According to the author,the department stores of the 19th century

  A. played a role in the spread of popular culture.

  B. became intimate shops for common consumers.

  C. satisfied the needs of a knowledgeable elite.

  D. owed its emergence to the culture of consumption.


  23. The text suggests that immigrants now in the U.S.

  A. are resistant to homogenization.

  B. exert a great influence on American culture.

  C. are hardly a threat to the common culture.

  D. constitute the majority of the population.


  24. Why are Amold Schwarzenegger and Garth Brooks mentioned in Paragraph 5?

  A. To prove their popularity around the world.

  B. To reveal the public‘s fear of immigrants.

  C. To give examples of successful immigrants.

  D. To show the powerful influence of American culture.


  25. In the author‘s opinion,the absorption of immigrants into American society is


  B. successful

  C. fruitless

  D. harmful


  TEXT 2

  26. From the first two paras,we learn that

  A. the townsfolk deny the RSC‘s contribution to the town’s revenue

  B. the actors of the RSC imitate Shakespeare on and off stage

  C. the two branches of the RSC are not on good terms

  D. the townsfolk earn little from tourism


  27. It can be inferred from Para 3 that

  A. the sightseers cannot visit the Castle and the Palace separately

  B. the playgoers spend more money than the sightseers

  C. the sightseers do more shopping than the playgoers

  D. the playgoers go to no other places in town than the theater


  28. By saying“Stratford cries poor traditionally”(Line 2-3,Paragraph 4),the author implies that

  A. Stratford cannot afford the expansion projects

  B. Stratford has long been in financial difficulties

  C. the town is not really short of money

  D. the townsfolk used to be poorly paid

  C正确。通过上下文很容易知道cries poor是装穷的意思,和中文的哭穷很类似,不过还是不要通过字面意思猜,通过上下文最有把握,最踏实。

  29. According to the townsfolk,the RSC deserves no subsidy because

  A. ticket prices can be raised to cover the spending

  B. the company is financially ill-managed

  C. the behavior of the actors is not socially acceptable

  D. the theatre attendance is on the rise

  D正确。原文倒数第二自然段说得很清楚The theatre has broken attendance records for three years in a row. Last year its 1,431 seats were 94 percent occupied all year long and this year they‘ll do better.这说明对于镇上的人来说,他们实际上不知道票价低的,所以A不选。他们看到的只是表面现象D.

  30. From the text we can conclude that the author

  A. is supportive of both sides

  B. favors the townsfolk‘s view

  C. takes a detached attitude

  D. is sympathetic


  TEXT 3

  31. The extinction of large prehistoric animals is noted to suggest that

  A. large animal were vulnerable to the changing environment.

  B. small species survived as large animals disappeared.

  C. large sea animals may face the same threat today.

  D. Slow-growing fish outlive fast-growing ones


  32. We can infer from Dr Myers and Dr. Worm‘s paper that

  A. the stock of large predators in some old fisheries has reduced by 90%.

  B. there are only half as many fisheries as there were 15 years ago.

  C. the catch sizes in new fisheries are only 20% of the original amount.

  D. the number of larger predators dropped faster in new fisheries than in the old.

  A正确。这道题目关键是要理解原文第二段的最后一句,……the biomass of large predators(animals that kill and eat other animals)in a new fishery is reduced on average by 80% within 15 years of the start of exploitation. In some long-fished areas,it has halved again since then.,前一个句子讲大型食肉动物减少了80%,即剩下20%,现在在某些long-fished地区,又减少了一半10%,所以总共减少了90%.

  33. By saying these figures are conservative(Line 1,paragraph 3),Dr Worm means that

  A. fishing technology has improved rapidly

  B. then catch-sizes are actually smaller then recorded

  C. the marine biomass has suffered a greater loss

  D. the data collected so far are out of date.


  34. Dr Myers and other researchers hold that

  A. people should look for a baseline that can‘t work for a longer time.

  B. fisheries should keep the yield below 50% of the biomass

  C. the ocean biomass should restored its original level.

  D. people should adjust the fishing baseline to changing situation

  D.正确。最后一段提到给出一个correct baseline才行,就是要调整原来的baseline.

  35. The author seems to be mainly concerned with most fisheries‘

  A. management efficiency

  B. biomass level

  C. catch-size limits

  D. technological application.



  36.By citing the example of poets Wordsworth and Baudelaire,the author intends to show that

  A. Poetry is not as expressive of joy as painting or music.

  B. Art grow out of both positive and negative feeling.

  C. Poets today are less skeptical of happiness.

  D. Artist have changed their focus of interest.

  B正确。选D的同学没有注意到原文和兴趣没有关系。而B原文分别用Wordsworth‘s daffodils to Baudelaire’s flowers of evil.来代表。因为百合花是好的,evil是不好的。

  37. The word“bummer”(Line 5. paragraph 5)most probably means something

  A. religious

  B. unpleasant

  C. entertaining

  D. commercial


  38. In the author‘s opinion,advertising

  A. emerges in the wake of the anti-happy part.

  B. is a cause of disappointment for the general peer

  C. replace the church as a major source of information

  D. creates an illusion of happiness rather than happiness itself.


  39.We can learn from the last paragraph that the author believes

  A. Happiness more often than not ends in sadness.

  B. The anti-happy art is distasteful by refreshing.

  C. Misery should be enjoyed rather than denied.

  D. The anti-happy art flourishes when economy booms

  C正确。最后一段的第一二句,What we forget——what our economy depends on is forgetting——is that happiness is more than pleasure without pain. The things that bring the greatest joy carry the greatest potential for loss and disappointment.

  40.Which of the following is true of the text?

  A. Religion once functioned as a reminder of misery.

  B. Art provides a balance between expectation and reality.

  C. People feel disappointed at the realities of morality.

  D. mass media are inclined to cover disasters and deaths.



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