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  PARTⅠVocabulary and Structure(10%)

  Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this part.For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C,and D.Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence.Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a pencil.

  1The annual——of the department store starts tomorrow.

  Astocking.   Bstocktaking

  Cstockpiling.  Dstockholding.

  2Remember to ask for a ——of quality for these goods;otherwise they will not offer any maintenance.

  Awarranty.    Bpromise

  Ccertificate.   Drecejpt.

  3In many countries tobacco and medicine are government——。

  Acontrol.    Bmonopoly

  Cbusiness.   Dbelongings.

  4Bank notes are not usually——into gold nowadays.

  Ainverted.    Brevertible

  Cconvertible.  Ddiverting.

  5I——you that the goods will be delivered next week.

  Ainsist.    Bconfirm

  Cassure.    Densure.

  6The manager just——his resignation to the board meeting yesterday and today another one took his place.

  Asent up.    Bsent off

  Csent out.   Dsent in.

  7Lets not——over such a trifle!

  Afall through.  Bfall out

  Cfall off.    Dfall back.

  8The cultures of China and Japan have shared many features,but each has used them according to its national——。

  Apersonality.   Btemperament

  Cinterest.    Ddestiny.

  9Our journey was slow because the train stopped——at different villages.

  Agradually.     Bcontinuously

  Cconstantly.    Dcontinually.

  10When he realized the police had spotted him,the man——the exit as quickly as possible.

  Amade for.     Bmade out

  Cmade up to.    Dmade way.

  11The goods——when we arrived at the airport.

  Awere just unloaded.    Bwere just being unloaded

  Cwere just been unloaded. Dhad just unloaded.

  12The professor can hardly find sufficient grounds——his argument in favor of the new theory.

  Awhich to base on.    Bon which to base

  Cto base on which.    Dwhich to be based on.

  13I think your words carry more weight than——。

  Aanybody elses.   Bthat of anybodys

  Canybodyelse.    Delse anybodys.

  14The second book was——by August 1996,but two years later,the end was still nowhere in sight.

  Ato complete.        Bcompleted

  Cto have been completed.  Dto have completed.

  15I would have gone to visit him in the hospital had it been at all possible,but I——fully occupied the whole of last week.

  Awere.     Bwas

  Chad been.   Dhave been.

  16No difficulty and no hardship——discouraged him.

  Ahas.     Bhave

  Chas been.   Dhave been.

  17I always keep candles in the house——there is a power cut.

  Aif.          Bin case

  Con condition that.  Dwhen.

  18Some modern childrens fiction deals with serious problems and situations with a realism seldom——in earlier books.

  Aattempted.      Battempting

  Cbeing attempted.   Dhaving attempted.

  19Written in a hurry,——。

  Ahe made many mistakes in the paper.

  Bthere were a lot of mistakes in the paper.

  Cwe found plenty of errors in her paper

  Dthe paper was full of errors.

  20Some student prefer a strict teacher who tells them exactly what to do.Others prefer——to work on their own.

  Aleaving.       Bto leave

  Chaving been left.  Dto be left.

  PART Cloze (10%)

  Directions:For each mumbered blank in the following passage,there are four choices marked A,B,C,and D Choose the best one and mark your answer on the Answer Sheet……

  It is difficult to imagine what life would be like without memory.The meanings of thousands of everyday perceptions,the bases 21the decisions we make,and the roots of our habits and skills are to be 22in our past experiences,which are brought into the present23memory.

  Memory can be defined as the capacity to keep 24 available for later use.It includes not only“remembering”thing like arithmetic or historical facts,but also any change in the way an animal typically behaves.Memory is25when a rat gives up eating grain because he has sniffed something suspicious in the grain pile.Memory is also involved when a sixyearold child learns to swing a baseball bat.

  Memory26not only in humans and animals but also in some physical objects and machines.Computers,for example,contain devices for storing data for later use.It is interesting to compare the memorystorage capacity of a computer27that of a human being.The instantaccess memory of a large computer may hold up to 100,000“words”ready for28use.A naverage American teenager probably recognizes the meanings of about 100,000 words of English.However,this is but a fraction of the total29of information which the teenager has stored.Consider,for example,the number of facts and places that the teenager can recognize on sight.The use of words is the basis of the advanced problemsolving intelligence of human beings.A large part of a persons memory is in terms of words and30of words.

  21Aof.   Bto.   Cfor.   Don

  22Akept.  Bfound.  Csought.  Dstored

  23Aby.  Bfrom.  Cwith.  Din

  24Aexperiences.  Bbases Cobservations.  Dinformation.

  25Acalled.  Btaken.  Cinvolved.  Dincluded

  26Aexists.  Bappears.  Caffects.  Dseems

  27Ato.  Bwith.  Cagainst.  Dfor

  28Aprogressive.  Binstructive Cinstant.  Dprotective.

  29Adeal.  Bnumber.  Cmount.  Damount

  30Acombinations.  Bcorrections Ccoordinations.  Dcollections.

  PARTⅢReading Comprehension (50%)

  Section A

  Directions:There are 5 passages in this part.Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements.For each of them there are four choices marked A,B,C,and D.You should decide on the best choice and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a pencil……

  Questions 31 to 34 are based on the following passage:

  The stability of the U.S. banking system is maintained by means of supervision and regulation,inspections,deposit insurance,and loans to troubled banks.For over 50 years,these precautions have prevented banking panics.However,there have been some close calls.The collapse of Continental lllinois Bank & Trusted Company of Chicago in 1984 did not bring down the banking system,but it certainly rattled some windows.

  In the late 1970s,Continental soared to a leadership position among Midwestern banks.Parts of its growth strategy were risky,however.It made many loans in the energy field,including $1 billion that it took over from Penn Square Band of Oklahoma City.To obtain the funds it needed to make these loans,Continental relied heavily on shortterm borrowing from other banks and large,30day certificates of deposit-“hot money”,in banking jargon.At least one Continental officer saw danger signs and wrote a warning memo to her superiors,but the memo went unheeded .Although the Comptroller of the Currency inspected Continental on a regular basis,it failed to see low serious its problems were going to be.

  Penn Square Bank was closed by regulators in July 1982.When energy prices began to slip,most of the $1 billion in loans that Continental had taken over from the smaller banks turned out to be had.Other loans to troubled companies such Chrysler,lnternational Harvester,and Braniff looked questionable.Seeing these problem,“hot money”owners began to pull their funds out of Continental.

  By the spring of 1984,a run on Continental had begun.In May,the bank had to borrow $3.5 billion from the Fed to replace overnight funds it bad lost.But this was not enough.To try to stem the outflow of deposits from Continemtal,the FDIC agreed to guarantee not just the first $100,000 of each depositors money but all of it.Nevertheless,the run continued.

  Federal regulators tried hard to find a sound bank that could take over Continental-a common way of rescuing failing banks.But Continental was just too big for anyone to buy.By July,all hope of a private sector rescue was dashed.Regulators faced a stark choice:Let Continental collapse,or take it over themselves.

  Letting the bank fail seemed too risky.It was estimated that more than 100 other banks had placed enough funds in Continental to put them at risk if Continental failed.Thus,on a rainy Thursday at the end of July,the FDIC in effect nationalized Continental Illinois at a cost of $4.5 billion.This kept the banks doors open and prevented a chain reaction.However,in all but a technical sense,Continental had become the biggest bank failure in U.S.history.

  31In the spring of 1984,Continental experienced——。

  Aa fast growth period.  Ba stability period

  Ca run.          Dan oil price decrease.

  32By July,all hope of a private sector rescue was——。

  Adestroyed.   Babsurd

  Cdesperate.   Ddamaged.

  33The nationalizatin of Continental——。

  Asaved it

  Bmade“hot money”owners continue to pull their funds out of Continental.

  Calmost brought down the banking system

  Dfired many highranking officers.

  34Banking panics may be prevented by means of——。

  Adeposit insurance.    Bgrowth strategy

  Clongterm borrowing.  Dwarning memo.

  Questions 35 to 38 are based on the following passage:

  If sustainable competitive advantage depends on workforce skills,American firms have a problem.Humanresource management is not traditionally seen as central to the competitive survival of the firm in the United States.Skill acquisition is considered as an individual responsibility.Labor is simply another factor of production to be hired-rented at the lowest possible cost-much as one buys raw materials or equipment.

  The lack of importance attached to humanresource management can be seen in the corporation hierarchy.In an American firm the chief financial officer is almost always second in command.The post of head of humanresource managements is usually a specialized job,off at the edge of the corporate hierarchy.The executive who holds it is never consulted on major strategic decisions and has no chance to move up to Chief Executive Officer(CEO)。By way of contrast,in Japan the head of humanresource management is central-usually the second most important executive,after the CEO,in the firms hierarchy.

  While American firms often talk about the vast amounts spent on training their work forces,in fact they invest less in the skill of their employees than do the Japanese or German firms.The money they do invest is also more highly concentrated on professional and managerial employees.And the limited investments that are made in training workers are also much more narrowly focused on the specific skills necessary to do the next job rather than on the basic background skills that make it possible to absorb new technologies.

  As a result,problems emerge when new breakthrough technologies arrive.If American workers,for example,take much longer to learn how to operate new flexible manufacturing stations than workers in Germany(as they do),the effective cost of those stations is lower in Germany than it is in the United Stated.More time is required before equipment is up and running at capacity,and the need for extensive retraining generates costs and creates bottlenecks that limit the speed with which new equipment can be employed.The result is a slower pace of technological change.And in the end the skills of the bottom half of the population affect the wages of the top half.If the bottom half cant effectively staff the processes that have to be operated,the management and professional jobs that go with these processes will disappear.

  35Which of the following applies to the management of human resources in American companies?

  AThey hire people at the lowest cost regardless of their skills.

  BThey see the gaining of skills as their employees own business.

  CThey attach more importance to workers than to equipment……

  DThey only hire skilled workers because of keen competition.

  36What is the position of the head of human resource management in an American firm?

  AHe is one of the most important executives in the firm……

  BHis post is likely to disappear when new technologies are introduced.

  CHe is directly under the chief financial executive.

  DHe has no authority in making important decisions in the firm……

  37The money most American firms spend in training mainly goes to——。

  Aworkers who can operate new equipment

  Btechnological and managerial staff

  Cworkers who lack basic background skills

  Dtop executives.

  38What is the main idea of the passage?

  AAmerican firms are different from Japanese and German firms in human resource management.

  BExtensive retraining is indispensable to effective humanresource man agement.

  CThe head of humanresource management must be in the central position in a firms hierarchy……

  DThe humanresource management strategies of American firms affect their competitive capacity……

  Questions 39 to 42 are based on the following passage:

  Internet is a vast network of computers that connects many of the worlds businesses,institutions,and individuals.The internet,which means interconnected network of networks,links tens of thousands of smaller computer networks.These networks transmit huge amounts of information in the form of words,images,and sounds.

  The Internet was information on virtually every topic.Network users can search through sources ranging from vast databases to small electronic“bulletin boards ,”where users form discussion groups around common interests.Much of the Internets traffic consists of messages sent from one computer user to another.These messages are called electronic mail or email.Internet users have electronic addresses that allow them to send and receive email.Other uses of the network include obtaining news,joining electronic debates,and playing electronic games.One feature of the Internet,known as the World Wide Web,provides graphics,audio,and video to enhance the information in its documents.These documents cover a vast number of topics.

  People usually access the Internet with a device called a modem.Modems connect computers to the network through telephone lines.Much of the Internet operates through worldwide telephone networks of fiberoptic cables.These cables contain hairthin strands of glass that carry data as pulses of light.They can transmit thousands of times more data than local phone lines,most of which consist of copper wires.

  The history of the Internet began in the 1960s.At that time,the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA)of the United States Department of Defense developed a network of computers called ARPAnet.Originally,ARPAnet connected only military a nd government computer systems.Its purpose was to make these systems secure in the event of a disaster or was.Soon after the creation of ARPAnet,universities and other institutions developed their own computer networks.These networks eventually were merged with ARPAnet to form the Internet.By the 1990s,anyone with a computer,modem,and Internet software could link up to the Internet.

  In the future,the Internet will probably grow more sophisticated as computer technology becomes more powerful.Many experts believe the Internet may become part of a larger network called the information superhighway.This network,still under development,would link computers with telephone companies,cable television stations,and other communication systems.People could bank,shop,watch TV,and perform many other activities through the network.

  39This passage is about the——of the Internet.

  Afuture.   Bgeneral introduction

  Cuse.       Dhistory.

  40Which of the following statements about the Internet is true?

  AARPA was the first net used by American universities and institutions.

  BThe history of the Internet can be traced back to fifty years ago.

  CThe purpose of the Internet is to protect the world in the event of war.

  DARPAnet formed the foundation of the Internet nowadays……

  41The Internet enables people to do all the following things EXCEPT——。

  Asending email.Bobtaining news

  Cexchanging modem.Dinternet related chat(IRC)。

  42According to the last paragraph,in the future——。

  Ain may be hard to predict the development of the Internet.

  Bthe Internet will become an indispensable superhighway.

  Cthe Internet will be applied more.

  Dthe Internet will combine cable stations.

  Questions 43 to 46 are based on the following passage:

  Sex prejudices are based on and justified by the ideology that biology is destiny.According to this ideology,basic biological and psychological differences exist between the sexes.These differences require each sex to play a separate role in social life.Women are the weaker sexboth physically and emotionally.Thus,they are naturally suited,much more so than men,to the performance of domestic duties .A womans place,under normal circumstances,is within the protective environment of the home.Nature has determined that women play caretaker roles,such as wife and mother and homemaker.On the other hand,men are best suited to go out into the competitive world of work and politics,where serious responsibilities must be taken on.Men are to be the providers;women and children are“dependents.”

  The ideology also holds that women who wish to work outside the household should naturally fill these jobs that are in line with the special capabilities of their sex.It is thus appropriate for women,not men,to be employed as nurses,social workers,elementary school teachers,household helpers,and clerks and secretaries.

  These positions are simply an extension of womens domestic role.Informal distinctions between“womens work”and“mens work”in the labor force,according to the ideology,are simply a functional reflection of the basic differences between the sexes.

  Finally,the ideology suggests that nature has worked her will in another significant way.For the human species to survive over time,its members must regularly reproduce.Thus,women must,whether at home or in the labor force,make the most of their physical appearance.

  So goes the ideology.It is,of course,not true that basic biological and psychological differences between the sexes require each to play sexdefined roles in social life.There is ample evidence that sex roles vary from society to society,and those role differences that to exist are largely learned.

  But to the degree people actually believe that biology is destiny and that nature intended for men and women to make different contributions to society,sexdefined roles will be seen as totally acceptable.

  43Womens place,some people think,is within the protective environment of the home because——。

  Awomen can provide better care for the children.

  Bwomen are too weak to do any agricultural work at all.

  Cwomen are biologically suited to domestic jobs.

  Dwomen can not compete with men in any field.

  44According to the author,sex roles——。

  Aare socially determined

  Bare emotionally and physically determined.

  Ccan only be determined by what education people take.

  Dare biologically and psychologically determined.

  45The author points out that the assignments of womens roles in work——。

  Aare determined by what they are better suited to.

  Bgrow out of their position inside the home.

  Creflect a basic difference between men and women.

  Dare suitable to them,but not to men.

  46Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

  AThe division of sexdefined roles is completely unacceptable……

  BWomens roles in work are too limited at present……

  CIn one society,men might perform what is considered womens duties by another.

  DSome of the womens roles in domestic duties can not be taken over by men.

  Questions 47 to 50 are based on the following passage:

  In a sense,the new protectionism is not protectionism at all,at least not in the traditional sense of the term.The old protectionism referred only to traderestricting and tradeexpanding devices,such as the tariff or export subsidy.The new protectionism is much broader than this;it includes interventions into foreign trade but is not limited to them.The new protectionism,in fact,refers to how the whole of government intervention into the private economy affects international trade.The emphasis on trade is still there,thus came the term“protection.”But what is new is the realization that virtually all government activities can affect international economic relations.

  The emergence of the new protectionism in the Western world reflects the victory of the interventionist,or welfare economy over the market economy.Jab Tumiler writes,“The old protectionism…coexisted,without any apparent intellectual difficulty with the acceptance of the market as a national as well as an international economic distribution mechanism-indeed,protectionists as well as (if not more than)free traders stood for laissezfaire(放任政策)。Now,as in the 1930s,protectionism is an expression of a profound skepticism as to the ability of the market to distribute resources and incomes to societiessatisfaction.”

  It is precisely this profound skepticism of the market economy that is responsible for the protectionism.In a market economy,economic change of various colors implies redistribution of resources and incomes.The same opinion in many communities apparently is that such redistributions often are not proper.There fore,the government intervenes(干涉;干预)to bring about a more desired result.

  The victory of the welfare state is almost complete in northern Europe.In Sweden ,Norway,Finland,Denmark,and the Netherlands,government intervention in almost all aspects of economic and social life is considered normal.In Great Britain this is only somewhat less true.Government traditionally has played a very active role in economic life in France and continued to do so.Only West Germany dares to go against the tide towards excessive interventionism in Western Europe.It also happens to be the most successful Western European economy.

  The welfare state has made significant progress in the United States as well as in Western Europe.Social security,unemployment insurance,minimumwage laws,and rent control are by now traditional welfare state elements on the American scene.

  47This passage is primarily concerned with discussing——。

  Athe definition of the new protectionism.

  Bthe difference between new and old protectionism.

  Cthe emergence of the new protectionism in the Western world.

  Dthe significance of the welfare state.

  48Which of the following statements is NOT a characteristic of a welfare state mentioned in this passage?

  AFree education is available to a child.

  BLaws are made to fix the minimum wage.

  CA jobless person can be insured.

  DThere are regulations for rent.

  49Which of the following inferences is true,according to this passage?

  AThe economy developed faster in welfare states than in nonwelfare states.

  BIn the 1930s,protectionism began to rise.

  CThe new protectionism is so called mainly because it is the latest.

  DGovernment plays a more active role in economic life in Northern Europe than in Great Britain……

  50The passage supplies information for answering which of the following questions?

  AWhen did the new protectionism arise?

  BWhy is the new protectionism so popular in northern European countries?。

  CDoes the American government play a more active role in economic life than the British government?。

  DWhy does the government intervene in economic life?。

  Section B

  Directions:Read the following passage carefully and then give short answers to the five questions.Write your answers on the Answer Sheet……

  In a television interview,Mr.Daniel Brummage,President of the International Olympics Committee,is defending his Committees decision to hold the Games again in four years time.

  Ever since the modern Olympic Games began in 1896,theyve had their critics.Every form of competitive activity attracts trouble.But part of the aim of the Games ,when they were first held in ancient Greece,was to discourage war between states by engaging them in a friendlier kind of combat.My Committee and I intend to see that they go on doing this.

  The spirit of competition in the Games uses up a lot of energy that could be more harmfully employed.In my opinion,it does a lot of good,getting people to forget their differences in a communal activity.Any competitor or spectator at the Games or in the Olympic Village will tell you that the atmosphere of friendship there is unforgettable:as if the world were one big family.And the hostilities that the press always likes to exaggerate,only exist in a few quarters.What we suffer from is bad publicity,not had sportsmanship.

  These Games are the biggest international gathering of any kind in the world.Not only do they bring sportsmen together,but they unite a world public.Isn‘t this a sufficient reason for continuing then?Of course,a few people are going to use them as an occasion for propaganda(宣传),but this is no reason why the Games should be canceled.Why should every harmless activity be spoiled for the majority by the minority?

  No!As long as the majority wants it,these Games will continue.This is sport,sir,not politics,and I intend that it should remain so.

  51Is that right that all the people in the world agree to hold the Olympic Games?。

  52When did the modern Olympic Games begin?

  53What is the purpose of the Olympic Committee to hold the Games?

  54What does Mr.Daniel Brummage criticize in his speech and Why?。

  55Will the Games continue?Why?

  PARTⅣTranslation (15%)

  Directions:。In this part there is a passage in English.Translate the five sentences underlined into Chinese and write your translation on the Answer Sheet . .

  (56)The types of daydreams,whether they are pleasant and hopeful or filled with despair take shape in childhood when everyone develops one of three basic daydreaming styles:positive negative and scattered American Health reports.Although everyone lapses occasionally into each of these types,positive daydreamers are more likely to imagine happy,playful or entertaining of these types, positive daydreamers are more likely to imagine happy,playful or entertaining scenarios.(57)Negative daydreamers tend to dwell on lifes darker side.imagining dangerous and/or life threatening situations,such as the appearance of afatal or weakening disease or becoming a victim of violence.Scattered day dreamers are easily bored and distracted.“Their mental images tend to be fleeting,repetitive and shallow,like variations on the same fairy tales,”explains Yale psychologist Roni Tower.

  (58)While all three types are common,positive imaginations are likeliest to serve as springboards(跳板)for problem solving,while negative and scattered daydreams may leave a person feeling anxious.Negative daydreamers are waiting for the other shoe“to fall.”Their imaginations are often guiltridden or obsessive.

  There are times when drifting away can cause problems,according to Blodin.“If daydreaming gets in the way of daily function because the person is doing it all day,the person wont be very productive,”she says.“The amount of time and the frequency that a person daydreams is whats important.It should not take up all of your time.(59)If people find their daydreaming is becoming excessive(过多的),they should take a realistic look at whats going on in their life and ask themselves what they are trying to avoid.Then they can assess what steps they need to take to correct the situation.”(Anyone who has a hard time discriminating between reality and imagination or starts replacing reallife family and friends with imagined people should seek professional help.)

  (60)Professor Singer sums up the advantages of daydreams to the average person:“by sitting quietly and letting your daydreams emerge instead of squelching(抑制)them,you may find there are parts of yourself you havent been listening to.Instead of fearing them,youll gain access to tremendous range of interesting,creative ideas.”

  PARTⅤWriting (15%)

  Directions:。Write a composition according to the information given in the following outline in Chinese.Your composition should be about 120 words.Remember to write clearly.You should write this composition on the Answer Sheet……

  网络经济的新启示(new revelations)




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