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  PARTⅠStructure and Vocabulary (10%)

  Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this part .For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.

  Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence .Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet With a


  1.To my great surprise the food was still on the table ,_____

  A. untouching   B. no touch

  C. untouched   D. not to be touched

  2.We do not even know his name ; ______ about his character .

  A. less we know     B. less know we

  C. less do we know    D. less we do know

  3.She did not go to the North ,instead she remained here in the South . The doctor suggested that she _______ there .

  A. not go      B. go not

  C. couldn‘t go   D. didn’t go

  4.I was ill that day ,Otherwise I______the meeting .

  A. would have attended   B. had attended

  C. would attend      D. attended

  5.This book will show you _______ can be used in other contexts .

  A. how what you‘ve observed

  B. how you’ve observed

  C. that you‘ve observed

  D. the thing what you’ve observed

  6. The statesman and writer you talked with last month _____at today‘s conference .

  A. was present   B. was presenting

  C. were present  D. were presenting

  7.The science of medicine ,______ we owe a great deal , is perhaps the most important of all the sciences .

  A. in which B. to which C. at which D. for which

  8.“Time for football games .Do you mind if I change to sports channel?”


  A.Yes ,I agree    B. No ,no change

  C .Yes , please   D. Not at all. Go ahead

  9.Students at colleges in large cities ran into _______ debts because it was easier for them to find part -time jobs than

  those in rural areas .

  A. few   B. fewer   C. little   D. less

  10. It is said that the New York area has more Jews than _______ city outside Israel in the world .

  A. another  B. other  C. any other  D. the other

  11. My boss has always attended to the ______ of important business himself .

  A. transaction   B. solution

  C. translation   D. stimulation

  12. The government gets a (n)______ from taxes .

  A. income   B. revenue   C. fund   D. payment

  13. The Japanese dollar-buying makes traders eager to _____ dollars in fear of another government intervention .

  A. let in   B . let out   C. let go of  D. let off

  14. The response to our financial appeal ______ anything we expected

  A. surpassed   B. impressed

  C. surprised   D. passed

  15. Most of his great novels and plays were not published or known to the public_____ his tragic death in 1786 .

  A. even before   B. ever since

  C. until after   D. until before

  16.Mass production is _____ only in an economy with a highly developed technology.

  A.feasible    B. permissible

  C. allowable   D. receivable

  17. Those nations that interfere in the internal affairs of another nation should be _____condemned .

  A.commonly   B. actually  

  C . uniquely  D. universally

  18. The government has decided to reduce a (n)___all imports .

  A. fee   B. charge   C. tariff   D. expenditure

  19.The newly -elected president is determined to _____ the established policy of developing agriculture .

  A.go for   B. go on   C. go by   D . go up

  20. As always , I had to fight the ____ to take what she willingly offered .

  A.fascination   B. attraction

  C. attention   D. temptation

  PARTⅡReading Comprehension (50%)

  Section A

  Directions : There are 5. passages in this part ,Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements .For

  each of then there are four choices marked A. B, C, and D. You should decide on the best choice and blacken the

  corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a pencil .

  Questions 21 to 24 are based on the following passage :

  In recent years many countries of the world have been faced with the problem of how to make their workers more productive .

  Some experts claim the answer is to make jobs more varied . But do more varied jobs lead to greater productivity ? There is

  evidence to suggest that while variety certainly makes the workers‘ life more enjoyable , it does not actually make them

  work harder . As far as increasing productivity is concerned ,then variety is not an important factor .

  Other experts feel that giving the workers freedom to do their jobs in their own way is important and there is no doubt

  that this is true .The problem is that this kind of freedom cannot easily be given in the modern factory with its

  complicated machinery which must be used in a fixed way . Thus while freedom of choice may be important ,there is usually

  very little that can be production lines rather than one large one , so that each worker contributes more to the production

  of the cars on his line .It would seem that not only is degree of worker contribution an important factor , but it is also

  one we can do something about .

  To what extent does more money lead to greater productivity ? The workers themselves certainly think this important .But

  perhaps they want more only because the work they do is so boring .Money just lets them enjoy their spare time more .A

  similar argument may explain demands for shorter working hours .Perhaps if we succeed in making their jobs more interesting ,

  they will neither want more ,nor will shorter working hours be so important to them.

  21.Which of these possible factors leading to greater productivity is NOT true ?

  A.To make jobs more varied

  B.To give the workers freedom to do their jobs in their own way .

  C.Degree of worker contribution.

  D.Demands of longer working hours .

  22. Why do workers want more money ?

  A.Because their jobs are too boring .

  B.In order to enjoy more spare time

  C.To make their jobs more interesting

  D. To demand shorter working hours.

  23. The last sentence in this passage means that if we succeed in making workers‘ jobs more interesting ______.

  A.they will want more money

  B.they will demand shorter working hours are important factors .

  C.more money and shorter working hours are important factors .

  D.more money and shorter working hours will not be so important to them .

  24. In this passage , the author tells us ________.

  A.how to make the workers more productive

  B.impossible factors leading to greater efficiency

  C.to what extent more money leads to greater productivity

  D.how to make workers‘ jobs more interesting

  Questions 25 to 28 are based on the following passage :

  The Internet can make the news more democratic ,giving the public a chance to ask question and seek out facts behind

  stories and candidates , according to the head of the largest US on-line service .

  “But the greatest potential for public participation is still in the future ,”Steven Case ,Chairman of America On-line ,

  told a recent meeting on Journalism and the Internet sponsored by the Freedom Forum (讨论会)。However , some other experts of

  ten say the new technology of computers is changing the face of journalism ,giving reporters access to more information and

  their readers a chance to ask questions and turn to different sources .

  “You don‘t have to buy a newspaper and be confined to the four corners of that paper any more ”,Sam Meddis , on-line

  technology editor at USA Today , observed about the variety of information available to computer users .

  But the experts noted the easy access to the Internet also means anyone can post information for others to see . ‘Anyone

  can say anything they want ,whether it‘s right or wrong ,“said Case , Readers have to determine for themselves who to trust .

  “In a world of almost infinite voices .respected journalists and respected brand names will probably become more important ,

  not less, “Case said .

  The Internet today is about where radio was 80 years ago , or television 50 years ago or cable 25 years ago ,he said .But

  it is growing rapidly because it provides people fast access to news and a chance to comment on it .

  25.The main topic of this passage is ______.

  A.the development of journalism

  B.the rapid development of the Internet

  C.the effect the Internet has on journalism

  D.the advantages of the Internet

  26. It can be inferred from this passage that the fact that _______ may NOT be regarded as an advantage of the Internet .

  A.the news can be made more democratic

  B.the public can turn to different sources

  C.the public can get a chance to ask questions

  D.anything can be posted on the Internet for others to see _________

  27. The correct order for the appearance of the four technologies is ______

  A.Internet -cable -television-radio

  B.Radio-television-cable -Internet

  C.Radio-cable -television-Internet

  D.Television-radio-cable -Internet

  28. Which of the following statements is true ?

  A.only respected journalists can post information on the Internet for others to see .

  B.Respected journalists will probably become more important than before.

  C.Everyone is using the Internet now

  D.The greatest potential of public participation of the Internet is in the near future .

  Questions 29 to 32 are based on the following passage :

  There is a range of activities which require movements of about one to four or five miles . These might be leisure activities ,

  such as moving from home to swimming pool , tennis club ,the theater or other cultural centers ,or to a secondary or more

  advanced school ;or they might be movements associated with work and shopping in the central areas of cities .The use of

  cars capable of carrying five people at 80 mph for satisfying these needs is wasteful of apace and most productive of

  disturbance to other road users .

  The use of the bicycle ,or some more modern derivative of it ,is probably worth more consideration than has recently been

  given to it .The bicycle itself is a remarkably efficient and simple device for using human muscular energy for

  transportation .In pure energy terms ,it is four to five times as efficient as walking , even though human walking itself

  is twice as efficient as the movement of effective animals such as dogs of gulls .It is still widely used , not only in

  some developing countries where bicycles are major means of people and goods , but in a few richer towns such as Amsterdam

  in Holland and Cambridge in England .

  It usually gives inadequate protection from the weather ,is not very suitable for carrying goods ,and demands considerable

  muscular work to make progress against wind or uphill .It also offers its rider no protection against collisions with other

  vehicles .All these difficulties could ,however ,be greatly eliminated ,if not removed ,with relatively small changes in

  design .The whole machine could be enclosed in a plastic bubble which would provide some protection in case of accidents .

  It would be easy to add a small petrol or electric motor .A wide variety of designs would be possible .As in rowing , we

  night employ the power of the arms or the general body musculature ,as well as those of the legs ; more muscular exercise

  would be good for the health of many people in cities ,and a wide use of bicycle like muscle-powered vehicles would be a

  useful way to ensure this .It could also provide ample opportunities for showing off by the young and vigorous .

  29.The main idea of the first paragraph is that the car _____.

  A.can satisfy the demand for speed

  B.causes waste of space

  C.produces disturbance to other road users

  D.is far from perfect for short range movements

  30.More attention should be given to the bicycle as a means of transport because it is ______.

  A. a very efficient and simple device

  B. much cheaper than a car

  C. widely used in Amsterdam and Cambridge

  D. still used by rich people

  31. Enclosing the bicycle in a plastic bubble would _______. A.make it easier to use . B.save muscular energy . C.provide protection from the weather. D. prevent it from colliding with other vehicles. 32. Which of these is untrue for the present bicycle? A.It is far more efficient than the movement of animals . B.It offers its rider no protection . C.It is not very suitable for carrying goods . D.It can hardly be improved on . Questions 33to 36 are based on the following passage : Telecommuting ——substituting the computer for the trip to the job —— has been hailed as a solution to all kinds of problems related to office work .For workers it promises freedom from the office , less time wasted in traffic ,and help with child-care conflicts . For management , telecommuting helps keep high performers on board , minimizes lateness and absenteeism by eliminating commuters (经常乘火车往返者), allows periods of solitude (独处)for high -concentration tasks , and provides scheduling flexibility .In some areas , such as Southern California and Seattle , Washington , local governments are encouraging companies to start telecommuting programs in order to reduce rush-hour traffic and improve air quality . But these benefits do not come easily . Making a telecommuting program work requires careful planning and an understanding of the differences between telecommuting realities and popular images . Many workers are seduced by rosy illusions of life as a telecommuter .A computer programmer form New York City moves to the quiet Adirondack Mountains and stays in contact with her office via computer .A manager comes in to his office three days a week and works at home the other two . An accountant stays home to care for her sick child ; she hooks up her telephone modem connections and does office work between calls to the doctor . These are powerful images , but they are a limited reflection of reality . Telecommuting workers soon learn that it is almost impossible to concentrate on work and care for a young child at the same time .Before a certain age , young children cannot recognize , much less respect , the necessary boundaries between work and family .Additional child support is necessary if the parent is to get any work done . Management , too , must separate the myth from the reality . Although the media has paid a great deal of attention to telecommuting , in most cases it is the employee‘ s situation , not the availability of technology , that precipitates (加速…来临) a telecommuting arrangement . That is partly why , despite the widespread press coverage ,the number of companies with work-at-home programs of policy guidelines remains small . 33.What is the main subject of the passage ? A.Business management policies . B. Driving to work . C.Extending the workplace by means of computers . D.Computers for child-care purposes . 34. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a problem for employers that is potentially solved by telecommuting ? A.Employees’ lateness for work . B.Employees‘ absence from work C.Employees’ need for time alone to work intensively D.Employees‘ conflicts with second jobs . 35.Which of the following does the author mention as a possible disadvantage of telecommuting ? A.Small children cannot understand the boundaries of work and play . B.Computer technology is never advanced enough to accommodate the needs of every situation . C.Electrical malfunctions can destroy a project D.The worker often does not have all the needed resources a home 36. Which of the following is an example of telecommuting as described in the passage? A.A scientist in a laboratory developing plans for a space station. B.A technical writer sending via computer documents created at home C.A computer technician repairing an office computer network D.A teacher directing computer-assisted learning in a private shool. Questions 37 to 40 are based on the following passage : The payroll(工资单)register constitutes the treasurer (财务主管)department’s authority to pay the employees . Payment is usually made in the form of a check drawn on the company‘s regular bank account . Pre-numbered payroll checks should be used , and there should be independent verification of the agreement of the checks with the payroll register in detail and in total . Payroll checks should be distributed directly to employees ,on proper identification ,by treasurer’s department personnel . The checks should not be returned to payroll for distribution since the payroll department would then have control over both preparing and paying the payroll, Alternatively , payroll checks may be deposited directly in the employee‘s checking account . Payment of employees in cash is the exception rather than the rule . This form of payment is more easily influenced by errors , irregularities , and robbery than payment by check .Following payment ,check numbers are entered on the register , the preparation and payment of the payrollare programmed on a computer . A termination(结束) notice should be issued by the personnel department on the completion of an individual ’s employment with the company. Copies of the termination authorization should be sent to the employee‘s supervisor and to payroll , and a copy should be filed in the employee’s personnel record . The proper execution of this function is vital in preventing terminated employees from continuing on the payroll .The subsequent diversion(转移)of such payroll checks to an unauthorized individual has been responsible for many payroll cheat through the years . Every company is expected to fulfill the legal requirements relevant to the filing of payroll tax returns and the payment of the resulting taxes . Ordinarily , the payroll department prepares the tax returns and a check is issued through the guarantor system in payment of the taxes The responsibility for the filing of returns before due dates should be assigned to a payroll department supervisor .Furthermore , there should be independent verification within that department of the accuracy and completeness of the return . Effective control over tax returns is necessary to necessary to avoid penalties for late or incorrect filings .

  37.According to the passage employees should be paid _____.

  A. monthly in cash B. weekly by bank

  C. regularly by check D. properly in time

  38. Payroll checks should be ______.

  A.identified by treasurer‘s department personnel

  B.distributed to employees by the company‘s bank

  C.sent to employees directly and responsibly by post D.deposited regularly in the employee‘s account 39.Which of the following statements may NOT be the weakness of payment in cash ? A.It’s easily affected by mistakes .

  B.It may be distributed irregularly.

  C.There is possibility of robbery .

  D.It can be done conveniently

  40.When an employee stops working in the company ,all of the following should be done except______.

  A.a termination notice should be issued by the personnel department

  B.a copy of the termination authorization should be given to the employee personally

  C.a copy of the termination authorization should be sent to the employee‘s supervisor

  D.a copy of the termination authorization be delivered to the pqyroll register

  Section B

  Directions:Read the following passage carefully and then give short answers to the five questions .Write your answers on

  the Answer Sheet .

  The economic costs to society of noise are several .Airports are currently operating at less than capacity because of noise

  regulations which restrict their hours of operation. For instance ,at Washington‘s National Airport no jet traffic is allowed

  from 11 p.m.to 7a.m .Other airports restrict the use of certain runways .One estimate is that noise restrictions

  reduce possible airport use by 20 per cent . the profitable cargo trade is especially affected by night restrictions.

  In the case of airports , jet engines may be modified to reduce their noise level , or insulation (隔离)from air traffic

  noise may be provided by the purchase of land around airports or the insulation of buildings . One estimate is that $5.7 billion

  would be required to equip all existing jet engines with noise control devices .However, considering the current state of the art

  ,even aking this step will not reduce noise levels at all points to acceptable values .Some combination of methods is probably

  necessary .

  If all aircraft were made quieter by existing methods , there would be a mumber of economic benefits .A decrease in the right-

  of-way (通行权) needed for airports would be possible , and an increase in airport capacity would occur. Property values near

  airports might rise .Transportation costs to and from airports could be reduced since the airports now could be located closer to

  population centers .

  Much research still needs to be done on the economic aspects of noise decrease and noise effects . Although some of the effects

  of noise pollution are known , more must be discovered about its effects on health , productivity , property values and the

  quality of life .Further more , the cost of noise pollution control to the economy as a whole as a whole needs to be illuminated .

  The public must be alerted to the dangers and economic costs of noise pollution so that people may make intelligent choices

  and exert appropriate pressures .

  41.Why is jet traffic not allowed to operate at Washington‘s National Airport from 11p.m.to 7a.m.?

  42.What does the word “art ”mean in the second paragraph? It means_____.

  43.Give one of the main results of the rise of property values near airports .

  44.According to the passage , have we had a thorough understanding of the problem of noise pollution?

  45.A suitable title for this passage would be ______.

  PARTⅢCloze (10%)

  Directions:Choose the right word for each bland from the list given below .Make changes ,if necessary.

  Write your answers on the Answer Sheet .

  argue continue draw gently power

  prove show smoothly tearing tight

  use walk what whichever within

  The North Wind and the Sun were having an 46 one day over which of them was the more 47.They realized that

  their talk wouldn‘t 48 anything ,so they decided upon a contest.49 could get the jacket off a man 50 up the road would be the

  victor .

  The North Wind tried first and blew a blast of cold air .The man ‘s jacket was blown open with the gust of wind , but he

  grasped it with his hands and drew it 51 around him. Once again the North Wind sent a cold blast to the man ,

  and once again the man bent forward into the wind and 52 his jacket tighter around him .This continued for quite some time

  the North Wind 53 at the jacket with extreme madness .But with every icy blast the man grew more deterined to grasp his jacket .

  Finally ,the North Wind submitted to the Sun. The Sun shone 54 on the man. After a few moments the man smoothly moved his coat

  and put it over his shoulder ,and then continued happily on his way .

  The next time the urge to violence comes over you ,remember the frustration of the North Wind .Try 55 the Sun ‘s method ,

  a little human warmth.

  PARTⅣEnglish-Chinese Translation (15%)

  Directions :Read the following passage carefully. Then translate it into Chinese .Write your translation on the Answer Sheet.

  Many companies may be cutting expenses as much as possible ,but arts sponsorship is doing better than ever .

  The trend is steadily upwards .Sponsorship overall now takes up perhaps #50 million ,or three times as much as

  it did five years ago . Most of that may to on sport——but the spending on arts has risen the fastest of all and may now

  be worth $4 million a year .

  The extra help is easy to explain .Banks ,insurance companies ,the oil industry and tobacco firms provide three quarters of

  funds going into arts sponsorship .All four groups tend to be unpopular——which makes them all the keener to display their social

  concern and so build up some good will .

  PARTⅤWriting (15%)

  Directions:For this part ,you are asked to write an inquiry of Web-page making and publicizing to the net service
company and send it by E-mail .The company‘s and your own addresses are as follows: webadmin@go2map.com/inf.dep.xxx.co.@263.net . You are given the outline in Chinese .Your composition should be
about 120 words,Remember to write clearly .You should write this composition on the Answer Sheet .





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