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  Part I Structure and Vocabulary (20%)

  Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this part . For each sentence there are four choices marked A , B , C and D . Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence . Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a pecil.

  1.all we can do to help ``Big Jim‘’ is to try___ that he ought to work more.

  A. making him to realize   B. making him realizing

  C. to make him to realize   D. to make him realize

  2. Mr. Jones told me the other day that the Board of Directors ______ to put Peter in char ge of the worker.

  A. decided     B. has decided
  C. have decided   D. had decided

  3. Every means _____but without much result.

  A. have been tried . B. has been tried

  C. have tried     D. has tried

  4. Generally speaking, people should have_____ as their desires will allow.

  A. much education as   B. as much education

  C. as less education   D. little education

  5. It‘s time we______ away with our shabby shelf.

  A. did   B. do   C. have done   D. shall do

  6. ``What a beautiful ring!“”Never____ such a big diamond. ,,

  A. have seen I   B.I have seen
  C. have seen    D. I haven‘t seen

  7 .______ about the robbery, the policemen rushed out in their cars to catch the robbers.

  A. Having been informed   B. Having informed

  C. Informing        D. Be informed

  8. Professor Knight,_____ list of achievements includes two Nobel Prizes, will address the meeting tonight.

  A. who   B. that   C. whose    D. whom

  9. John‘s score on the test is the highest in the group; he_____ last night.

  A. should have studied   B. must have studied

  C. has studied       D. should study

  10. All things_____ , her paper is of great value.

  A. consider    B. having considered
  C. considered   D. considering

  11 . Jack_____ to the manager for the mistakes he had made.

  A. excused  B. pardoned  C. forgave  D. apologized

  12 .______ scientists have observed increased pollution in the water supply.

  A. Late  B. Later  C. Latter  D. Lately

  13. This watch is_____ to all the other watches on the market.

  A. superior   B. advantageous  
  C. super    D. beneficial

  14. Fresh fruits and vegetables are generally less expensive when they are in _____.

  A. sale  B. need  C. season  D. time

  15 . We can surely________ all difficulties that may come up.

  A. get on    B. come over
  C. get over   D. come across

  16. He_______ very quickly after his illness.

  A. recovered   B. discovered
  C. uncovered   D. covered

  17. The designing of a satellite in the heavenly environment is________ an easy job.

  A. by all means    B. by any means
  C by every means    D. by no means

  18. The good harvest_______ the price of strawberries.

  A. brought down  B. cut out
  C. arose from   D. added to

  19. Most great artists are exceptionally________ people.

  A. sensitized   B. sensitive
  C. senseless   D. sensory

  20. He came back later,______ which time they had left.

  A. after  B. by  C. from  D for

  partⅡReading Comprehension(50%)

  Directions : There are 4 passages in this part . Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements . For each of them there are four choices marked A , B , C and D . You should decide on the best choice and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a pencil .

  Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage:

  In recent years, many Americans of both sexes and various ages have become interested in improving their bodies. They have become devoted to physical fitness. The need to exercise has almost become compulsive with many persons who have a strong desire to ‘be more physically fit.

  By nature, Americans are enthusiastic and energetic about their hobbies and pastimes. They apply this enthusiasm, and energy to jogging/running. As a result, there are running clubs to join and many books and magazines to read about running.

  The desire to be physically fit is explained by a ``passion‘’ for good health. The high rate of heart attacks in the 1960s caused an increase on the part of the public in improving the human body. Middle-aged men especially suffer from heart attacks. Thus, they are one group strongly interested in more physical exercise. In fact, many doctors encourage their patients to become more physically active, especially those who have sedentary jobs. it is interesting to note that the rate of heart attacks began to decrease in the 1970s and it is still decreasing. Physical fitness currently enjoys a favored role in the United States. It is a new ``love‘’ that many Americans have cherished. Will it last long? Only time can tell—— or until another ``new passion“

  comes along.

  21. In recent years, many Americans have become interested in improving their bodies because _________.

  A. they are enthusiastic about their hobbies and pastimes

  B. they have a strong desire to be more physically fit

  C. there are many running clubs to join

  D. there are many books and magazines to read about running

  22. The passage implies that _____is a great favorite of many Americans, men and women, old and young.

  A. jogging/running

  B. joining running clubs .

  C. reading books and magazines about running

  D. going in for all kinds of sports

  23. Middle-aged men suffering from heart attacks .

  A. are compulsive joggers

  B. are encouraged by their doctors to go in for jogging/running

  C. are interested in taking more physical exercise

  D. are enthusiastic and energetic about hobbies and pastimes

  24 . In the sentence u in fact , many doctors encourage their patients to become more physically active, especially those who have sedentary jobs‘’ , the word “sedentary‘’ means_______

  A. involving physical work  B. needing much sitting

  C. energy-consuming     D. sleep-producing . ,

  25. According to the passage, will the love for physical exercise last long for Americans?

  A. Yes.           B. NO.

  C. Somebody can tell.    D. It is hard to tell.

  Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage:

  Many people think there is need to take special care over home security.

  “I‘m all right, I’m insured. ”

  Maybe if you‘re fully insured. Even then you can never recover the real value you place upon your possessions. But you can’t insure against the upset and unhappiness that we all feel if our homes are seriously damaged by some stranger, our windows and doors smashed, our precious possessions ruined.

  “It won‘t happen to me.’‘

  Won‘t it? A home is broken into almost every minute of the day. Thefts of all kinds, including cars and property stolen, happen twice as frequently.

  “I ‘ve nothing worth stealing.”

  You may think not. But in fact every one has something worth a thief‘s attention. And we all have things of special value to us even if they’re` worth little or nothing in cash terms.

  “I‘m only a tenant(房客) here.”

  The thief doesn‘t care whether you’re a tenant or an owner-occupier. You‘re just as likely to be robbed. Have a word with the owner of the house if you think extra locks and fastenings are necessary.

  “They‘ll get in any way.”

  Most thieves are always looking for easy jobs. They are soon discouraged by houses they can‘t get into quickly and easily. So it’s worth taking care.

  This booklet will help you——it‘s based on the practical experience of police forces throughout the country. Most of the suggestions will cost you only a few minutes extra time and thought. A few may involve some expense ,but this is small compared with the loss and unhappiness you might otherwise suffer. If you are in doubt, ask for free advice from the Crime Prevention Officer at your local police station .

  26. Why should you still worry about protecting your possessions when you have insured them? .

  A. You tend to undervalue your possessions.

  B. You cannot insure against any damage to property.

  C. A robbery can ruin your happiness at home.

  D. It takes a long time to recover all your money.

  27 . What should a tenant do if he is worried about the security of his home?

  A. Fit new locks on all the doors.

  B. Discuss the matter with the owner.

  C. Complain to the police.

  D. Increase his own insurance.

  28. The advertisement says that most thieves________ .

  A. prefer stealing from offices

  B. like causing a lot of damage

  C. will break in anywhere they want to.

  D. are discouraged by good security arrangements

  29. It seems that many people think that ____.

  A. the police will protect them from thieves . -

  B. their houses ought to be more secure

  C. thieves will not choose to steal from them

  D. thieves only steal from house-owners

  30. This advertisement for a booklet aims to influence people who_______ .

  A. have had their houses broken into

  B. are not properly insured

  C. are afraid of what thieves might do

  D. have not thought much about security

  Questions 3I to35 are based on the following passage:

  One silly question I simply cannot tolerate is ``How do you feel?‘’ Usually the question is asked of a man in action——a man walking along the street, or busily working at his desk. So what do you expect him to say? He‘ll probably say, ``Fine, I’m all right.“ But you have put a bug in his ear - maybe now he is not sure. If you are his good friend , you may have seen

  something on his face, or in his walk, that he overlooked that morning. It makes him worrying a little. He looks in a mirror to see if everything is all right, while you go merrily on your way asking someone else, ``How do you feel?‘’

  Every question has its time and place. it‘s perfectly acceptable, for instance, to ask ``How do you feel?’‘ if you are visiting a close friend in the hospital. But if the fellow is walking on both legs, hurrying to take a train or sitting at his desk working, it’s no time to ask him that silly question.

  When George Bernard Shaw, the famous British writer of plays was in his eighties, someone asked him ``How do you feel?‘’ Shaw put him in his place. ``When you reach my age,“ he said, ``either you feel all right or you are dead.”

  3I. According to the writer, greetings, such as ``How do you feel?‘’_____ .

  A. show one‘s consideration for others

  B. are a good way to make friends

  C. are proper to ask a man in action ……

  D. generally make one feel uneasy .

  32. The question ``How do you feel?‘’ seems to be correct and suitable when asked of

  A. a friend who is ill

  B. a person who has lost a close friend.

  C. a stranger who looks somewhat worried

  D. a man who is working at his desk

  33. Gorge Bemard Shaw‘s reply in this passage shows his______ .

  A. silliness B. cleverness C. carelessness D. politeness

  34. ``You have put a bug in his ear“ means that you have______ .

  A. made him laugh

  B. shown concern for him

  C. made fun of him

  D. given him some kind of warning

  35 . This passage can be entitled .

  A. A silly Question

  B. Don‘t Trouble a Busy Man

  C. What Are Good Greetings

  D. Gerge Bemard Shaw‘s Reply

  Questions 36 to 40 are based on the following passage

  In recent years many countries of the world have been faced with the problem of how to make their workers more productive. Some experts claim the answer is to make jobs more varied (我种多样的)。 But do more varied jobs lead to greater productivity? The evidence shows that while variety certainly makes the worker‘s life more enjoyable, it does not actually make him work harder. As far as increasing productivity is concerned, then,variety is not an important factor. Other experts feel that giving the worker freedom to do his job in his own way is important. There is no doubt that this is true. The problem is that this kind of freedom cannot easily be given in the modern factory with its complicated machinery which must be used in a fixed way. Thus, although freedom of choice may be important,usually very little can be done to create it.

  Another important consideration is how much a worker contributes to the product he is making. In most factories the worker sees only one small part of the product. Some car factories are now experimenting with having many small production lines rather than a large one, so that each worker contributes more to the production of the cars on his line. It would seem that not only is degree of the worker‘s contribution an important factor, therefore, but it is also one we can do something about. To what extent does more money lead to greater productivity?

  The workers themselves certainly think this is important. But perhaps they want more money only because the work they do is so boring. Money just lets them enjoy their spare time more. A similar argument may explain demands for shorter working hours. Perhaps if we make their jobs more interesting,

  they will want neither more money nor shorter working hours.

  36. Varied jobs, in writer‘s opinion, will________ .

  A. offer greater productivity

  B. drive workers to work harder

  C. make workers more productive

  D. make worker‘s life more enjoyable, but do not make them more hardworking

  37. According to the passage, freedom can not be easily given since________ .

  A. it is in not what workers care about

  B. it has nothing to do with increasing productivity

  C. freedom will do harm to the management

  D. machines in modern factories must be organized in a fixed way

  38. Degree of the worker‘s contribution is greater when______ .

  A. a factory possesses more experts

  B. a factory has many small production lines

  C. workers enjoy more freedom

  D. workers work at a large production line

  39. Workers want more money and shorter working hours to_____ .

  A. enjoy themselves more after work

  B. produce greater work flow

  C. show their great abilities

  D. challenge the managemen

  40. According to the passage, the statement that best describes the writer‘s attitude is

  A. there are no ways to make workers more productive

  B. workers want more variety, freedom and money , but shorter working time and less contribution

  C. variety ,freedom, contribution , more money and shorter working time seem possible factors leading to greater productivity, actually they are not or they are impossible

  D. it is impossible to make workers work more productively, because the work they do is so boring.

  PARTⅢEnglish-Chinese Translation(15%)

  Directions: Read the following passage carefully. Then translate it into Chinese. Remember to write your translation on the Answer Sheet.

  Old people are always saying that the young are not what they were. The same comment is made from generation to generation and it is always true. It has never been truer than it is today. The young are better educated. They have a lot more money to spend and enjoy more freedom. They grow up more quickly and are not so dependent on their parents. They think more independently and do not blindly accept the ideas of their elders. Events which the older generation remember clearly are nothing more than past history. Every generation is different form the older one and today the difference is very marked indeed.

  PARTⅣwriting (15%)

  Directions: For this part, you are asked to write a composition entitled Computer——A Good Companion of Man in three paragraphs. You‘re given the first sentence of each paragraph. Your part of the composition should be about 100 words, not including the words already given. Remember to write clearly. You should write this composition on the Answer Sheet.

  Computer——A Good Companion of Man

  1. Nowadays, computers are used in so many places that you find then everywhere in the world.__________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

  2.Computers can help different people in different ways._____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

  3.Besides, Computers can offer fun and entertainment for children and adults._______________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

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