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  三、特定场合(Specific Occasions)





  Campus校园 tuition学费

  MA(degree of Master of Arts)文学硕士 Ph.D(Doctor of Philosophy)博士

  academic year学年 semester system一年两学期制

  Trimester system一年三学期制 quarter system一年四学期制

  credit学分 full'time student全日制学生

  part'time student半工半读学生 transcript成绩单

  registration注册 freshmen大一学生

  sophomore二学生 junior大三学生

  requirement必修课 elective/optional选修课

  exempt/immune免修的 lecture hall大礼堂

  quit school休学 drop out辍学

  multiple choice多项选择题 essay question问答题

  objective test客观题测试 subjective test主观题测试

  scholarship奖学金 make up补考

  fellowship研究奖学金 assistantship助教奖学金


  library图书馆 librarian图书馆管理员

  file档案 magazine杂志

  periodical期刊 journal专刊

  reference book参考书 bibliography参考书目

  stacks书库 author作者

  catalog目录 index索引

  shelves书架 check out办清手续后离开



  dormitory宿舍 cafeteria咖啡厅

  lounge休息室 deposit押金定金

  laundry洗的衣服等 basement地下室

  shower淋浴 tub盆浴

  drain排水 faucet水龙头

  toilet抽水马桶 cushion坐垫

  built-in closet壁橱 bureau五斗橱

  dresser梳妆台 vacuum cleaner吸尘器

  carpet地毯(bed) sheet床单

  spread床罩 pillow case枕套

  room and board膳宿 infirmary医务室

  I'm a graduate from Peking University of 2002.(我是北京大学2002届的毕业生。)

  I have a bachelor degree of Arts (Science)。(我是文科/理工科学士。)

  I'm taking economics and mathematics.(我学经济和数学。)

  What kind of grades did you make in college?(你在大学的学习情况怎么样?)

  You will fail in the examination if you don't work hard.(你如果不好好学习,考试就会不及格。)

  I got full score in the final examination.(期末考试我得了满分。)

  May I have a look at your schedule?(我可以看一下你的课程表吗?)

  When is the new semester going to start?(新学期什么时候开始?)

  A lecture on modern arts will be delivered by Dr. Gore in five minutes.(戈尔博士的现代艺术讲座五分钟后开始。)


  A: Hi, Jerry. I'd like you to meet my friend Lucia. She graduated from the same university as yours.

  B: Glad to meet you, Lucia.

  A: Glad to meet you too, Jerry. When did you graduate from Yale University?

  B: In 2000. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree. What did you major in?

  A: I majored in child psychology. I was interested in the way children learn to read and write.



  Have you made reservations?(有没有预定?)

  For one or for two, Sir?(一位,还是两位?)

  Here or to go?(在这儿吃呢,还是拿走?)

  May I have your order, Sir?(先生,现在点菜吗?)

  Could we see the menu, please?(请把菜单拿来?)

  Which do you prefer, Chinese food or western food?(你喜欢吃中国菜还是西方菜?)

  We would like some local specialties.(我们想吃一些特色菜。)

  Well, what would you recommend?(嗯,你可以推荐一些菜吗?)

  Well, The roast lamb's very delicious!(哇,这烤全羊吃起来真香!)

  How would you like your steak, rare or well done?(喜欢吃嫩牛排,还是稍微烂一点?)

  Waiter! the bill, please! Check, please! (买单!)

  Let us go Dutch this time, ok?(我们AA制,怎么样?)


  A: Waiter! The menu, please.

  B: Here you are, Miss. Beijing Duck is one of our specialties, and it's very delicious.

  A: Thank you, but I'd like to choose myself.

  B: Sorry, Miss. But everyone here likes it.

  A: I hate the talkative people, and I will eat nothing here.

  B: I'm really sorry about it, but……



  a saving account存款户头 a checking account支票户头

  financial transactions金钱交易 checks支票

  to deposit存款 bill票面

  overdraft透支 bank statement银行结存单

  to charge sb.向……收取费用 withdraw取款

  currency conversion货币兑换 foreign currency外币

  credit card信用卡 establish credit开信用卡户头

  paying and receiving teller出纳员 pay off还清


  How do we open a savings account?(储蓄账户怎么开?)

  I‘d like to open a current account.(我想开一个活期存款户头。)

  How much money do you want to deposit?(你将存多少钱?)

  Here is your bankbook!(你的存折!)

  Could you tell me my balance?(我还有多少余额?)

  I want to close my account. (我要求取消帐户。)

  This is a foreign exchange office.(这是外币兑换处。)

  What‘s the rate of exchange between US dollar and RMB?(美圆和人民币的兑换率为多少?)

  The interest rate is 4 percent.(利息为百分之四。)

  What kind of currency do you want?(你需要什么币种?)

  Ten yuan is the minimum original deposit.(存储最低限度为10圆。)

  A: Welcome to our bank, Sir. Can I help you?

  B: I‘d like to open a current account.

  A: How much money do you want to deposit?

  B: What‘s the minimum original deposit?

  A: Fifty RMB, Sir.

  B: Ok, how about the interest?

  A: 6 percent for current deposit.

  B: Umm, I see, and I need to think about it……



  I have a bad cough and my chest aches.(我咳嗽得厉害并且胸口疼。)

  I‘ve sprained my ankle, and I’ve got a very bad headache.(我脚踝扭了,并且头疼的厉害。)

  I have a sore throat and a toothache.(我牙疼并且喉咙痛。)

  Do you have any appetite?(胃口好吗?)

  You need to take a blood pressure, and then have a blood test.(你先测血压,然后验血。)

  I‘ll have to give you an injection. After that, an urgent operation is necessary.(我先给你打一针,然后动手术。)

  We will transfer you to another hospital.(你将转院治疗。)

  Take two of these pills after meal, three times a day.(此药一天三次,每次两片,饭后服用。)

  I‘ll give you a prescription.(我给你开个药方吧。)

  This bottle of liquid medicine is for external application. (这瓶药水用以外涂。)


  D: Now would you lower your shorts?

  P: What‘s that?

  D: Just an injection.

  P: Will it hurt?

  D: Well, it won??t hurt me,…… There. Now, these pills.

  P: Do I need to stay in hospital?

  D: I‘m afraid you have to.
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