2015MBA备考写作 图表作文常用句型

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1.According to the figures shown in the table/graph we can see/conclude that……

例句:According to the figures shown in the table, we can see that great changes have been taking place in people's diet over the period from 1988 to 1998.

2.We can see/We have noted/It can be seen from the table/chart/graph that……

例句:We have noted from the graph that there is a wide gap between the top ten universities both of China and of the world.

3.The graph/table/chart shows/indicates/reveals/points out that……

例句:The chart reveals that the number of road accidents is spiraling upward every year as more and more highways are constructed all over China.

4.As is shown/can be seen in the chart/graph/diagram released by the government……

例句:As we can see in the diagram released by the government, the rapid growth of population has resulted in the extinction of many wildlife species.

5.After considering the information in the graph/table/chart, we might conclude that……

例句:After considering the information in the graph, we might conclude that the energy structure in rural areas has been greatly improved over the past 15 years.

6.The chart/graph/table shows a minimal/slight/slow/steady/marked/dramatic/sharp/sudden increase/rise/decline/reduction/fall/drop in……compared with those of last year/10 years ago/last century……

例句:The graph shows a marked decline in the number of wildlife species compared with that of last century.

7.This year, the products of……dropped to half/was cut in half/doubled/tripled.

例句:This year, the products of cotton doubled.

8.The number of …… grew/rose/dropped from……to……

例句:The number of car accidents grew from 3691 in 1985 to 8245 in 1995.

9.No increase is shown in ……; then came a sharp increase of ……

例句:No increase is shown in 1988; then came a sharp increase of 8 million.

10.Sth. is twice/three/half as large/high/much as sth. else.

例句:The production of cotton is twice as much as that of wheat.

11.The table/chart/graph represents the development and changes in ……

例句:The table represents the development and changes in agriculture structure in the past 30 years.

12.By comparison with……, it dropped/ fell/ decreased from……to……/ by……

例句:By comparison with 1990, it dropped by 15 percent.

13.There appeared an even more stable/consistent/steady tendency to rise/drop.

14.The curve has leveled off/stayed the same/remained unchanged for 2 years and the trend will be continuing.

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